Instant British Racing Green 226 Reveal & Chanel Collection Post!

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  1. I have been on the hunt for the perfect 226 reissue to add to my Chanel collection and I have finally found her :lol: I have been looking for a jewel-toned reissue and I have always been partial to green - especially a lovely forest green. I popped by the Toronto boutiques earlier this year and was told that they weren't really expecting much in the way of coloured reissues, so I walked away with two minis instead (no regrets!).

    I am so happy to reveal my (new to me) British Racing Green 226 reissue with RHW! She is from the 2012 autumn collection and in excellent condition. This is my first pre-loved bag, so I was a bit nervous and got third party authentication but was able to save over 40% off the retail price in Canada. I was out most of today so unfortunately only got one shot in daylight, but this picture is the most accurate depiction of the colour of this bag:


    Here is a shot in indoor lighting:


    And a modelling shot on me (I am 5 feet 3 1/2 inches or 161 cm):


    I also thought I would share photos of my entire Chanel collection (not including shoes/jewelry/makeup and missing my keyholder...). Here they are, all in one shot:


    A close-up of just the black bags and SLGs (from left to right and back to front): caviar classic jumbo with GHW, lambskin classic square mini with SHW, soft caviar camera bag with SHW, caviar classic quilted WOC with gold hardware (from the Rue Cambon store!), caviar yen wallet and lambskin cardholder with SHW.


    A close up of the non-black bags and SLGs (from left to right and back to front): iridescent calfskin navy coco pleats mini with RHW, my new 226 reissue, caviar beige claire GST with SHW, lambskin camellia navy cardholder with SHW, iridescent caviar pearly beige classic quilted WOC with matte SHW, calfskin red old medium boy with RHW and caviar red cardholder with SHW.


    And a few size comparisons that I thought might be helpful:

    (left to right): old medium boy, 226 reissue, jumbo classic


    (left to right): square mini, old medium boy, 226 reissue


    Thanks for letting me share! I'm happy to provide close-ups of any individual bag, any other comparison shots and details regarding any particular bag if it's helpful :smile: Also, I welcome any suggestions re: what I am missing in my collection and what I should get for my next bag. I am thinking that I would like a cerf tote (perhaps in a taupe, grey or navy), a classic M/L or a tweed bag.
  2. Cool collection!
  3. Beautiful collection! Congrats on your newest addition!
  4. That green is gorgeous! And to save 40% is even better! It fits perfectly into your collection(which is amazing by the way)!
  5. Your Reissue is stunning and your collection is amazing! Which bags do you use most often?
  6. Thank you so much!
  7. Thank you! My camera bag and GST get the most wear as I use them as work bags. On weekends, my minis and boy have been my staples. My pearly WOC is my least used bag as I have been paranoid about colour transfer. However, I'm hoping she'll get a lot more use this summer.
  8. This is beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you purchased from?
  9. Always happy to see another reissue and this is a beauty! What a lovely colour ❤️
  10. You have such a lovely collection and I'm in love with your green reissue.️
  11. Really really love your collection! Love the diversity in styles and colours! And your reissue....the green is one of the nicest greens I've seen! I don't normally gravitate to green but this one is simply exceptional! Congrats!
  12. Congrats on finding your perfect green! Your collection is lovely Very informative post as well - the comparison shots are useful!
  13. Holy moly!!! Stunning collection and I ADORE that racing green - GORGEOUS!!!! :smile: Congrats! You have great taste.
  14. Thank you! I bought her from - they are based in Montreal. The team was super helpful and responsive. I had a great experience with them.
  15. You've got a great collection there!