Instant birthday reveal!!

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  1. My dear hubby was so sweet to drive to our local LV store right after dinner to get my birthday present. So here's the latest addition to my small Favorite PM!! It's the perfect size for my it!

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  2. Nice hubby to do that - congrats - you will enjoy this bag !!
  3. Your username and your Favorite gives me a double take.

    Twins...maybe? :smile:
  4. Gorgeous!! Bag twinsieeee!!! 😻
  5. Happy Birthday! Congrats and enjoy:smile:
  6. Gorgeous and happy birthday!
  7. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  8. Enjoy your new bag! That's a great style.
  9. Very sweet of your husband. It's beautiful, congrats and Happy Birthday!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats!!
  11. Super sweet of him! Enjoy!
  12. congrats :smile:
  13. Very pretty, Happy Birthday:woohoo:
  14. Beautiful :smile: enjoy
  15. Pretty...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!