Instant birthday reveal! :-D

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  1. I was devastated a couple of months ago because I missed out on buying my oxford loafers in black patent with gold hardware....The AS said they will always have them because they are a classic...

    However they are now discontinued :sad:

    SO I went onto eBay on the off chance that I might find some there.......I found better....

    Attached Files:

  2. They are perfect! right size, never worn!

    And they go great with my Suhali Fabuleux!

    I am very happy right now :happydance:
  3. Wow, congrats, enjoy!!!!!
  4. Congrats and Happy Birthday.....they look great with your le fab:smile:
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Love those! They look comfy!
  7. glad you were able to get ur hands on them...congrats they're too cute
  8. Those are great, congrats!!
  9. These loafers look so comfortable, congrats! I hate when that panic feeling sets in, I am glad you found them!
  10. Thanks guys! I absolutely love them.......they are sooo comfy!
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. They look very comfy and awesome that you were able to find them new. Congrats!!
  13. love them! congrats!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats to you!