Instant birthday reveal! A sale score!

  1. I'm not usually here as Chanel still
    Kind of intimidates me. I love my Chanel bags but i have so little Chanel knowledge! I don't even know what this bag is called. We went to the presale on Sunday at Neiman Marcus. This bag was purchased just before it was my turn and I was SAD! DH knows that I want a green bag but nothing has worked in the past. Apparently, our SA called him to say it became available. The box was waiting for me on my seat at the restaurant tonight. Please provide any info on the name and color - mademoiselle bowler?
  2. oooh pretty! congrats!
  3. That's the Just Mademoiselle (JM) that came out about 3 or 4 years ago. There have been a few renditions of it --- original had reissue metal chain, then it came in the classic interwoven chain and then this I there oven chain with leather handles. It also came it different sizes and finishes. Their is actually an entire thread on it on the forum. Congrats in your score, your hubby is awfully sweet.
  4. Congratulations and how fun to find it sitting at your seat! What a great husband!!!
  5. Happy birthday and a wonderful husband you got there :smile:
  6. Happy birthday and Congrats! You're husband is so sweet!
  7. Congrats and sweet surprise with a sweet hubby.
  8. Happy birthday and congrats!

  9. Lucky girl! Such a lovely green bag and from a sweet hubby.
  10. Congrats on your beautiful JM and such a sweet DH!
  11. very nice! congrats! such a sweet surprise from your husband!
  12. Happy birthday. What a lovely and sweet surprise from your dh to have this waiting for you at dinner.
    The green is such a lovely color, too.
  13. Congrats
  14. Happy birthday and congrats! Loving that color/
  15. Happy Birthday and congrats on your gorgeous JM!!!!