Instant Bday Reveal and a thank You!

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  1. Adios 50’s, enter 60’s! Happy 60th Birthday to me with a thank you to each member of this H forum who, through sound advice, encouragement and experience, helped me obtain my two HOLY Grails. For me, all it took was an appreciation of the brand beyond just the bags, determination, patience, money and really understanding the advice I received from my very first post to this forum 16 months ago. For the love of Gold, here is my birthday haul instant reveal and a few additional pics of each with some of my favorite art.
    Birkin and Kelly tower.jpg Birkin and Kelly.jpg
    Birkin.jpg Kelly.jpg
  2. Happy birthday! :smile:
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  3. Wow...congrats and happy birthday !
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  4. So happy for you dear!!!
    I totally understand your desire to have Goldie in both styles!
    Happy Happy Joy Joy to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy in good health!
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  5. Congrats!
    How long were you in the waitlist for?
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  6. Thank you. I don't know about the term "waitlist." I made my wish list apparent the first time that I walked into the store 16 months ago and was assigned an SA. A brand NEW SA. A gold Birkin 30, Togo, Gold hardware, no veining. Kelly 28 on the list, same spec. My darling SA took notes and we formed a very interesting and fun friendship from the first time I met him.
  7. You have been a big part of my success from the git-go. Sending you a special hug. I know you understand the love of Gold too!
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  8. Happy Birthday !!!
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  9. Awww glad I could help in some way and thank you xoxoxxox
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  10. Happy Birthday! Better "late" than never and even better in pairs. Congratulations.
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  11. Happy Birthday!! Beautiful reveal. Congratulations on your Goldies.
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  12. Happiest of birthdays! Congrats!
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  13. Happy Birthday & welcome to a great decade in your life!!!
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  14. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your lovely beauties in the best of health!
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  15. Congratulations and happy birthday! Fabulous photos!
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