INSTANT and FIRST reveal!!

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  1. So earlier this week I asked for help deciding between sunglasses or a wallet. The majority vote was a wallet and indeed I went with that. =)

    Well here is my super early anniversary gift my Zippy wallet in the monogram print.

    Thanks for letting me share!!! =)

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  2. congrats!
  3. beautiful! Congrats :smile:
  4. I love the zippy wallet, my favorite wallet! :biggrin:
  5. congrats.
  6. Thank you! =)
  7. So far I LOVE it! =) I think this'll be my ONLY wallet for the next IDK how many years lol
  8. love that combo! the retiro is great!!! congrats!!!👍👏😃
  9. Congrats, you made an excellent choice with the zippy. I love your Retiro too.
  10. Congrats ! :smile:
  11. Lovely, congrats!
  12. congrats :smile:
  13. Thanks a lot everyone!! I have no regrets with this piece and I can't stop admiring the hardware, the zipper pull is truly amazing lol.
  14. Congrats, very nice choice had it does look awesome with your Retiro.
  15. Congrats on your new Zippy. Best wallet IMO. Happy early anniversary!