Insta-reveal...something red

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  1. I've been thinking about this beauty and finally got it. Though lovely my wardrobe and preferences are in warm and muted colors- mustard, olive green, warm blues. This stands out like a sore thumb. Now it seems there are glazing issues with the sarah. Should I keep or exchange for zippy compact?

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  2. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  3. Lovely! Glazing issues? What do you mean? It's gorgeous, I would keep :smile: congrats
  4. Beautiful color. Congrats
  5. congrats - beautiful!!'👏😃👍
  6. Gorgeous, love the Pomme Sarah!
  7. Beautiful! Keep it or exchange for something as functional like zippy in Pomme
  8. Gorgeous color! I hadn't heard about glazing issues. :sad: That would be a shame because it's really a gorgeous wallet. The style didn't work for me but it's so pretty. I've heard many say that they've had the Sarah for years with no issues. You should definitely go with what you are more comfortable with.
  9. bow chicka wow wow! love it
  10. Keep it.. You can get it reglazed if necessary. It's a beautiful pop of color.
  11. Lovely, congrats!
  12. It's beautiful, I would keep it and get any glazing problems fixed if they come up, but if you don't love it, exchange it
  13. Keep it...most likely you won't have any issues. Use it and enjoy it!!!! Congratulations!!!
  14. beautiful - congrats!
  15. Gorgeous, congrats!