"inspired" damier azur...

  1. I think they're cute..they're in the "picnic" line. I probably would have gone for a pink one if I was still into D&B.
  2. Reminds me more of a picnic blanket... kwim? :p
  3. Hmmm...I don't really like it. I like their mini bubble line, better. :smile:
  4. Yikes.. that looks like they chopped up someone's couch and made it into a bag. :sweatdrop:
  5. EWW the blue is ugly
  6. I think they're actually cute =)
  7. :push:
  8. That pattern is called gingham. It's not unique, but it's also not damier.
  9. Bleh!
  10. Exactly!!!!
  11. I don't like Dooney & Bourke at all, I just think it's disgusting.
  12. :yucky: I don't like it. Its ugly
  13. I am not a fan of DB at all..think all of the bags are ugly, esp those.
  14. they're ok. don't want to sound prissy, but i lost interest in db and coach when i got into LV... db and coach don't do anything for me anymore.