Inspired by twinkle.tink: my Magic Eraser cleaning experience, part 1

  1. Hey LV LoVers...thanks to this thread I decided to give this a whirl! [Mods please move if this is not the right place].

    A little background: I love (LVOE) my Cabas Piano but was always hesitant to take her on travel so i always took my Saleya PM (business travel). Well, my (now ex) BF and I went to Laguna Beach in April and I really wanted to take an LV that didn't remind me so much of work as the Saleya did.

    I was careful on the plane putting her under the seat during takeoff and landing but lo and behold our first night was an outdoor dinner party on a lawn. I had nowhere to put my CP other than on my lap (too big) or under the table on the GRASS :sweatdrop: so I used a napkin. Anyhoo, somehow I ended up with brown spots on the bottom vachetta. Not the end of the world, but still annoying.

    So after trying to clean with non-alcohol baby wipes I tried the Magic Eraser. See for yourself..I'm gonna go round 2 tomorrow!! :wlae:

    First pic "before"
    CP cleaning 1.jpg
  2. Next step during the drying process...I did the whole vachetta, concentrating on the dirtiest part in the center (darkest spot).
    CP cleaning 002.jpg
  3. And last (for now...the dry results, part 1!) The spots are not gone 100% but I'm going to try again tomorrow!

    MUCH better results than the baby wipes, IMO!! :yahoo:
    CP cleaning 004.jpg
  4. Awesome, it looks great!
  5. Awesome!
  6. That looks great!!!
  7. wow - that great.
    Really appreciate your pics and post.
  8. I need to buy stock in Mr. Clean's parent company because the sales of Magic Erasers are bound to start going up! :tup: Great job!!
  9. It will not darken the vachetta color?????
  10. Wow looks great.
  11. Looks great!!! It really does an incredible job at cleaning vachetta and making it look new.
  12. In the after pics I can hardly see any dirt. It looks great.
  13. Great job- thanks for sharing!
  14. well, your mileage may vary but in my case, no. It actually made the vachetta cleaner and brighter in addition to cleaning up most of that mysterious dotted dirt or whatever stains. I've had my CP for just over a year and had treated her vachetta with shining monkey spray shortly thereafter but other than that, nothing and she's held up great!
  15. Beautiful!