Inspired by the parasailing thread . . . anyone go cliff jumping?

  1. My brother spent Spring Break in Jamaica one year. When he got back, he freaked out our mom by telling her about the time he went cliff jumping.

    I would never do it but I was wondering who did and what was it like?
  2. i was only 12 and fearless, in Maui. i look back and picture my mom on the beach:wtf: ...sis and i took a walk up a trail and the locals coaxed us into jumping....what did we know?:shrugs: it was fun....:p don't think i'd do it now, though....:push:
  3. Hell no!!!! You couldn't even get me to go up a cliff, much less jump off of it!!:shocked:
  4. I say cliff would be an over-statement but it was a huge rock! and yes I actually jumped off it - but I would not do that again now. this is like 15 years ago ( i am now double that age, plus a mum, so I reckon, no can do!)
    i only jumped once but it was fun. looking back, a lot of things could have happened though