Inspired by the now famous coffee mug, look what I made...

  1. Isn't it cute?
    I just bought a cheapy black frame with a mat from Michaels Crafts, taped off lines and painted the mat.

    The whole thing cost under $10!

    I love it! I just copied this catalog photo for this picture, but I plan to put a family picture in it and put it in my study.
    Next, I might paint a little box with the stripes...

    I love it! Did I say that already??:cutesy:[​IMG]
    IMG_9436 2.jpg IMG_9437 2.jpg
  2. Sorry for the huge size. I either get them too small or too large!
  3. Cute! Very clever! I bet we will see all kinds of custom legacy stripe art popping up on this forum now!
  4. Awesome idea! I can only see the very left fourth of each picture, but from what I can tell it looks great!
  5. that is nice and stylish, if i had an office or a desk at work that would be beautiful there.
  6. very cute!!
  7. its cute, but i want to do that with a black and white of me with my coach dad said he would do it for me (since he used to be a photographer) when i go home next month. and the background was going to be a huge scarf or a big legacy bag.

    im glad i inspired you all!!!!
  8. Cute!!!
  9. That looks great! Very creative!
  10. How cute!! Great idea!!
  11. awwww..that's a great idea...hmmmmmm, wonder what things I can "Legacize" around here :idea:

  12. "Legacize"
    I love it! A new tpf term!
  13. Kind of makes me think of "jazzercise"...

    Legacize...the new TPF workout! :p
  14. What a great idea!
  15. Love it! :heart: