Inspired By the "Interesting Tidbit" thread...which Hermes products are made by hand?

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  1. Paging all the Experts!!! Please be so kind as to help further the education of appreciative neophytes. I, for one, have just enough of a design background to truly appreciate the quality and CRAFTSMANSHIP of my Hermes bags. However, I am embarrassed to admit, I cannot tell if my Bolides and Picotins are sewn by hand. I am particularly confounded by the construction of my farming bag. I also have a bracelet in natural vache with beautiful stitching. Handmade? What about the scarves? What about the small leather goods? The shoes? I have never asked my SA's because I always forget! Thanks in advance!!!:yes:
  2. My interest in Hermes started with the enamel bracelets and although I'm not sure about the bracelets themselves, the elements are I think. To quote the little booklet: " Comprised of mixture of finely ground minerals, the enamel used for Hermes jewellery is made according to traditional and artisanal methods." I take that to mean by hand :P
  3. Just about everything is done by hand. The bags, small leather goods, definitely. Even the scarves are rolled by hand and the paints for the scarves are measured and applied by hand as well.
  4. From what I've been told, that is exactly why the wallets and other small leather goods are so expensive (in proportion to the bags) - because it takes so much extra time and effort to hand make something so small.
  5. And various leather types in the same item style and size vary in price - leathers which are more difficult to sew by hand are priced higher to cover the additional labor.
  6. Oh my have a farming bag? Do you love it? I saw one over the weekend...and am still thinking about it.
  7. Have no idea if this is true but seem to remember some things are made in the saddle shop rather in the atelier. Seems like I was told maybe the Garden Party is made in the saddle shop.
    I could be totally off base here, so hope someone else knows more about this than I.
  8. Thank you for the direct, definitive answer!!!!
  9. Also the reason for the high pricing is that the ENTIRE bag (wallet, small leather good, etc.) is leather. There is no cardboard construction to these bags at all. Unlike YSL and Gucci which allegedly have cardboard in their "flooring" or "bottoms". Layer upon layer of leathers are stitched together to fashion the floors for our bags.
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