Inspired By or a Knock-Off?

  1. I really love the size of this bag...but is it a legit "inspired by" or a blatant knock-off? What do you all think? I only know enough about Kooba to know there are Kooba bags that look like this one :shame: Thanks for your input!

    edit to add: Just looked at the other bags this seller is selling. Knock-off city. :nogood:
  2. Well I would not call it a fake, it does not have Kooba plates on it and the seller is not advertising it as a authentic Kooba bag. It seems to be a legit, "inspired" bag. which is really ok. not everyone can afford a 600.00 bag and as long as it is not being advertised as an authentic Kooba then nothing is wrong. but on a personal note.....they look sad. Being a true Kooba lover I just don't like them. And for those prices, no way.
  3. It looks like a copy of the Lucy to me. I guess b/c they aren't saying it is a Kooba and there are no plates, it is "technically" inspired. However, b/c it is basically "pretending" to be a Kooba, I'd personally call it a knock off. They also have a pic of Britney w/ her Kooba and I think they are trying to play this off as the same.
  4. Well, I looked at the other bags they are selling and they are exact replicas of Bbags, Chloes, Dior, etc. - everything but the tags. They are showing celebs carrying the authentic bags in their listings. This is not legit. When they do that, they are profiting from the advertising efforts of the designer brand (who gave the celebs the bags to begin with). That is a no-no in my book. :nogood:
  5. I don't think they should be using those pics of celebrities with the real bags. Maybe this can be reported to eBay.
  6. I think this seller is lieing by omission. Putting up the pic of a celeb with a real bag then putting the other bag next to it - without explanation - is lieing by omission.

    I think the bag itself is a knock off but the sellers intentions are fake.
  7. The bag is Kooba Knockoff - but a real handbag that looks like a Kooba. As long as they have never actually called it a Kooba it's ok. If they call it a Kooba then that is not ok.
  8. True, they do not use the name "kooba" in this listing, but this same seller does have other bags when they do use copyrighted names (along with the above mentioned misleading images with celebs).

    See this listing here. They don't say Mulberry but they do say Roxanne. To me, this makes them an unscrupulous seller.
  9. Some designer handbags use the same "names" coach has an Elisha and so does Kooba. I don't think using the name "roxanne" implies trying to sell a fake. The use of the brand name and having brand tags make a fake. JMO

  10. If just the name was the same and the style was different, I'd agree. However, their "Roxanne" looks identical to the Mulberry Roxanne and they show pictures of celebs holding an authentic Roxanne in their listing. To me, that looks like they are misleading folks.
  11. Showing their bag, but also the real ones with celebs is, in my opinion, misleading. They are trying to imply that their fake is the same bag as the one carried by Lindsey, Britney, whoever. That's not right.

  12. :p In Britney's case it just might be the same bag! :p
  13. True story! Although, back in the day she did have some nice Koobas.
  14. I bought one of their bags before I really got to know about designer handbags. I have never heard of Kooba when I bought a tan coloured bag that was similar to a scarlett. I dont think theses bags a fakes, just crap copies of the real deal.
    If you do buy one, be aware that the bag STINKS when you first get it. It smells of cow..badly!
    You can get good deals on some of these bags as they dont go for that much sometimes, but dont expect them to last long.
    Here is a pic of my bag. I dont know where is it now as I binned it over a year ago.
  15. Inspired and fakes to me, are two separate things......

    "Inspired" to me is just a design of a bag that is similar to the original (like the auction shown at the beginning of this post)....."fakes" are those awful China bags slapping on a tag stating their authentic (like try all of ioffer).....
    It would bother me more to wear a fake rather than an inspired bag. Hey- I wear a Moni Moni Splendor which to me, is a pretty darn fine whole inspired version of a bBag. It's not trying to be what it's not - but the idea is kinda there.
    I guess though when looking at this auction listed, it IS trying to be a Lucy.....I don't know. It's a debate that's like the whole "chicken and the egg" thing.....