(Inspired by Beaumonde) Anyone wants the scarf booklet (Spring/Summer 2008)?

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  1. I picked 2 up from the Madison store today, and would love to share it with TPFers who can't get their hands on one.

    Post #2 & #3 gets it.

    PM me your address and I'll mail it out next week.

    And thanks to Beaumonde for the inspiration. I'm trying to be nice this year, to get into Santa's good books. :angel:
  2. I'll take one! I would love the new one!!!
  3. I can get one -- someone who can't can have it......enjoy!
  4. If its still avail I'll take it....
  5. ocmommy & elizabethk,

    PM me your addresses and I'll mail them on Monday.
  6. Is mine coming home with you, along with my new scarf?
  7. Yes yes, but it'll be summer by the time i visit.
  8. I can't wait!!!!:yahoo::wlae:
  9. ocmommy & elizabethk,

    I have a funny suspicion my PM doesn't work. Or perhaps I've not received a PM yet. :confused1: Please PM me by Sunday evening, if i still don't hear from you guys, er... i'll get someone else to get your info.

    Pardon moi, I've never tried the PM function before. Still quite a newbie here.

  10. Thank you Plum Blossom I got it today!
    Your PM function may not work so I thought I'd drop the note here!
    Thanks so much! You are such a sweetie!
  11. I wonder if I´m confusing this with the other book, could someone post a pic of the cover pretty please?
  12. Wish i had been here earlier... I would've loved it! :yes:
  13. bettycraig, i may be going to Hermes this weekend, if they have it, I'd be more than happy to send you one. Stay tuned.

    nola, a little late, but here's the picture:
  14. You're most welcome elizabethk!
  15. berrycraig, i got you a booklet! PM me! :yes: