Inspired by BagnBags' bag charm

  1. As many of you saw earlier in the week BagnBags made a wicked cute charm for her bag. She served as my inspiration to doctor my Coach J charm my niece bought me. So without furth adieu
  2. I have that exact same J charm! That looks so good, I might put mine on my Damier Saleya PM, though the handle rings are pretty thick so I would have to come up with some other way to attach it.
  3. That's cute! ;)
  4. :nuts: Nice:yes:
  5. that's super cute!!
  6. I like it!! :heart:
  7. cute
  8. That's just adorable. I like how you were able to take an existing charm and give it a whole new look.
  9. That's so cute!!
  10. Had to keep the charm on the bag. My baby ( my niece) gave it to me. She doesn't say mommy yet but she says Yenny (Jenny). She's my McMuffin.:love:
  11. That is cute; I do like it!

    I can't really tell from the picture, but how does the silver hardware on the charm and the gold hardware on the bag look together? does it look okay? you don't have to match that, right? I wanted to get an S charm for my damier speedy...when I get my damier speedy lol...but I wasn't sure how it would look...
  12. it looks fine. your eye isnt drawn to the silver hook on the brass thingy but to the color contrast on the bag. so i think it works just fine