1. I was reading vogue and came across this pic, I think it's really interesting cuz I instantly made the connection between this pic and LV's shoe pic of Beverly Hills.... Does anyone know who painted (?) the original pic?!?!??! I wanna buy it lol or at least get a copy of it lol:p

    Here's the pic
  2. Wow... interesting.
    Don't know who's the artist, though.
  3. nice lv ring on her finger ;)
  4. yea. it's really interesting...BTW, I love the shoes~~
  5. very interesting. i would have never made the connection.
  6. sorry I have no idea but email vogue and ask them
  7. I was also wondering this! It's in Vogue and the LV womens shoe catolog!

  8. MMMMMMMMM... Love that Clous Ring.
  9. :heart: the shoes. :dothewave:
  10. I love those shoes.
  11. I think if you were to look somewhere near the back of the Vogue where the credits/shopping details are located you may find out who the photographer of that picture is or the name of it. Usually it's someplace in the magazine. Try that! HTH

  12. thanks!!! good idea

    Label addict: that will be last resort, I'm too scared to approach strangers lol:p
  13. great pic indeed :smile:
  14. ermmm I :heart: the ring tho' ;)
  15. Good luck with your search- let us know if you're successful!