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    I think this a great idea. I saw some of the (red) clothing on and I will definitely be buying some items. If you go to the gap website, you see celebrities such as Christy Turlington, Penelope Cruz, Steven Spielburg, Jennifer Gardner and more wearing the (red) clothing.
  2. i'll definately be buying, too.
    and i think they have a red ipod nano out as well? i don't need another ipod, but i might just have to...
    the gap stuff is really cute, too. i wantd to buy at the mall the other day, but our store only stocks up to a large.
  3. Yes, this is a great idea. Bono and Alicia Keys were on Oprah yesterday talking about this. Oprah and her camera crew went (Inspi-Red)shopping in downtown Chicago. Oprah brought everything she could to help the cause. I might let this be my theme for Christmas shopping this year!!
  4. Thanks for the post I had not heard of this and think its fab! Will def. buy!
  5. I went to the gap web sight all sold out of the shirt.....already...ugh
  6. I called the gap store in Valley Fair. I know a lot of you live in the bay area and they said they still have tons of the t-shirts!

  7. If you were going to buy the red ipod to benefit the AIDS cause, it's not worth it. Apple is only donating $10 per ipod to the charity. I'm extremely disappointed that they would donate so little on something especially created to benefit such an important cause.

  8. $10 is better than nothing. The point behind the campaign is for the companies to make a profit as well. Maybe the iPod margins just allow that... who knows.

    Either way, I'll be getting one.
  9. Wow, thanks for posting this! I haven't heard of it before... I'll definitely be supporting this!
  10. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for posting this. I'll definitely purchase some of the t-shirts, and I've been thinking about buying a ipod.
  11. i know $10 doesn't sound like much...but just think how many ipods are sold. that adds up to a LOT. and if you're going to buy one anyways, you might as well buy the red one.
    but like vlad said, it's better than nothing.
  12. wow ths is great. will DEFINATLY look out for it..

    and ya 10$ is better than 1
  13. Cool....I can give my black one to my DH and get the red one for red!!
  14. I bought the red ipod nano last night. I LOVE IT. It's so cute! And I haven't bought a new ipod in over 2 years, so it was time.

    My company is heavily involved in this campaign (let's just say that I sure hope those t-shirts restock soon), and everyone at my office has been excited about this for months now!
  15. I was home yesterday afternoon and saw the Oprah show about it. I want that red Motorola phone so bad I can taste it.

    And yes, it's "only" a small sum of money, but the point of this is that people are going to shop and buy these things anyway. Much more readily than they will write a check for a charity, so the fact that these major companies are onboard with such a worthy cause ROCKS! :rochard: