Inspect your bags for craftmanship/perfection -- I'm glad it did!

  1. I mean: "I'm glad 'I' did!"

    I sent back 2 of 3 bags I just ordered. The Carly had cock-eyed stitching across the top seam and the turquoise ergo tote had obvious flaws in the leather. The SA said that's part of the character and I said "not on my bag for that price!"

    I, of course, will be sent fresh new ones :smile:
  2. You have to remember that The Turquoise and Camel leathers will have "defects" ie. spots, different color variations and etc because it is a vintage leather and it truly is part of the Character and luck of the draw when you find one without it.

    Maybe this leather is not right for you unfortunately :/
  3. I just returned my large crimson stripe tote because the c's did not line up at the seam, which was really irritating me considering it's a $300 bag.
  4. you know, i have to agree with sprinkles. to me, it's like complaining about the legacy leather just does.
  5. some leather definitely has 'flaws'. it is a natural material

    I just got a pony scarf to give to my sister for her bday and it has a water stain or something on it. I wonder how this stuff makes it past cust service or something.
  6. I had a feeling you would say that, sprinkles :smile: The SA's in the store agreed that one should not have gotten through. It had flaws beyond the vintage look. They agreed it was sub-par and were happy to get me a new one. I looked at a lot that had variations in color. I think someone here also thought the turquoise looked a bit "dirty". I actually liked that "dirty" look to it. But I didn't want big white marks in the turquoise.
  7. Now white marks, that is odd! I love the "dirty" look on the camel and turquoise too, it just seems vintage and unexpected.
  8. Yes, you will see creases (lines) on the camel and other hobos. I have gotten some great outlet deals on these bags because people didn't know that's what they are supposed to do.
  9. great, now i'm paranoid that the c's on the side of my tote don't line up perfectly! they looks pretty good, but not 100% exact.
    Shellyb17, were yours really off or just a little?
  10. They aren't going to be 100% exact most of the time. Mine are on my tote, but it's just luck of the draw on that. They should be very, very close though.
  11. I ended up with the vintage ergo hobo and tote b/c the vachetta leather can have some of the scratches rubbed out with my fingers. I know they're going to get scratched and get character over time--that's why I love them, and my ali has held up really well, especially since I don't baby my bags!

    I do agree, though, that for that amoun of money, the bag should have straight stitching and be in pristine condition when you buy it....
  12. the crimson totes don't seem to be lining up so good luck finding the perfect one.... glad i took the carly. heehee
  13. DO NOT SETTLE if you are not completely satisfied!!
    I returned MY Turquoise Ergo Tote for the same reason...both sides/ends of the tote had these very noticeable "striations"/lines in the leather. They told me it was "Character", but that not ALL of them are that way. I decided to take my chances on ordering a new one. I just picked it up yesterday and it is PERFECT!!! NO Striations, etc....!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I took the chance on ordering another one. I just knew those lines would totally BUG me. Now, whatever happens to the bag - at least it will be something I do to it! The pics I posted are: 1st Pic shows the old tote with the "striations". Last 3 Pics - my NEW Tote...PERFECT!!!!
    IMG_2089.JPG IMG_2117.JPG IMG_2128.JPG IMG_2129.JPG
  14. My vintage ergo hobo came with a crease or indentation on the front pocket, as if the turnlock had made the mark from the bag being folded over. Hard to describe but I figured it'd work out after some use. I decided against a turquoise hobo and a whiskey Ali simply because I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the scratches. I know my hobo will scratch but I also know I can rub them out a little bit easier. I think that if you aren't 100% satisfied, it's better to return it but if you have to keep returning for a "perfect" bag, then that bag may not be for you. Some things, like crooked seams etc. are not acceptable though, plain and simple!
  15. I think we are going to see a lot of turquoise popping up at outlets w/ lots of "character"...