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Sep 13, 2005
Because I retain way too many facts, I remember some statistics about sleep I learned in psychology (and I am a nerd enought to double check that I am right before telling you all about them!!)

- Avoid naps (except for a brief 10-15 minute nap between 2-4 pm)
- Use your bed only for sleeping (so all of you with laptops that love to visit cyber space::hopefully our site!:: should not be on the computer, study, talk on the phone, or watch TV in bed (from a psychological perspective this deals with stimulus control)
- If you aren't alsleep after 20 minutes, get out of bed and do something mundane that may tire you. Keep the lights dim and don't go back to bed until you are sufficiently tired. Again, from a psychological perspective, this will weaken the link in your brain of the bed being bad
- Keep a regualr sleep schedule even on the weekends
- Keep the face of the clock in your bedroom turned away from you

All of that information is psychologically tested by Dr Richard Bootzin

And for those of you who are talking about taking a sleep medication, I would strongly advise you not to. First of all, you will grow to be dependent upon it. Secondly, the medication will interfere with REM sleep, and REM sleep is the good quality sleep that we all NEED :idea:


Jan 27, 2006
Wow--so many people have difficulty sleeping! I always felt so alone with that problem!

My husband has narcolepsy--meaning he falls asleep easily and often, so he has to take stimulants to get through the day! I often have insomnia, so we are a strange combination.

I've learned that when I can't sleep, the best thing to do is get out of the bed and out of the bedroom, and do something like read or cuddle a pet. It also helps to write down the things I'm worried about--make lists, plan, whatever is appropriate.

I don't think anyone mentioned an herb called "valerian root." It's very safe and quite effective at helping to induce sleep. I don't find I'm drowsy in the morning from taking it at all. I agree with the people who advise against taking sleeping pills--it is too easy to become dependant on them, and they often have side effects. (My husband is a doctor, so I always ask him about these things! He almost became a sleep specialist, if you can believe it!)

One of the things he always tells people who ask about sleep difficulties (and I noticed this mentioned a few times here) is to have regular sleep patterns. As awful as it is, get up at the same time even if you're tired. Then try to get to bed at regular times too. I know how hard it is to do this, but it really does help!

Best of luck, everyone!!!


Nov 2, 2005
I'm another one with sleep problems - It has to be cold, it has to be dark, it has to be quiet and I have to be tired - not always the case - My mind races like a major motion picture playing in my head and sometimes I can't leave the theatre.


Jan 29, 2006
Thanks for the kind words, you guys, I really appreciate it! You ladies are so nice. :love:

I think I'll sleep a little better tonight because I put settled some academic stuff that was getting in the way of graduation (at least, I think I settled it!)... Ahhhh, let out a big breath! :noworry:

And you other ladies out there with sleep problems, good luck to you!


Nov 28, 2005
Hope this passes quickly for you. I am a sleeper but do know what its like to be awake with too many things running around in your mind. Unfortunately, the only thing that resolves the worry is time and no one wants to hear that. After all the worry all things work out and usually for the better. Why do we put ourselves thru that?