INSOMNIA!!! arghhhhh...

  1. Anyone else have?? I want so bad to get a good nights sleep! Any holistic ideas to try???

    Prescription meds just make me feel so very groggy in the morning...its worse than not sleeping at all.

    And to top it off...there never is anything good to watch on TV late at night!!
  2. welcome to my world.
  3. Welcome to the land of people with bags under their eyes. :p

    I usually stay on the comp until I am on the verge of falling asleep... I used to stay up until 5-6 am, but lately I've been going to sleep at 1-2 am.
  4. me im like this all night:shocked: with my diet moutain dew by the side lol, i wouldn't recomend you taking or considering a sleepaid that would make you a junkie lol, how ever you should avoid having caffein, coffe, candy 6 hours before sleeping and take some milk or cereal or honey before going to bed and oh the most important cancel you'r internet conection that should do the trick...
  5. I used to sprinkle lavender on the pillow I set beside the one I slept on. It helped as little bit. Try excercising during the day, you will be much more tired at night. Try not to eat or drink too much before bed.
  6. I know my problem, I can't close my lately I've been sleeping with sleep mask. I've been sleeping like a baby..

    I am the kind of person who thinks in bed and my mind wonder around..a glass of warm milk helps too
  7. was 4:00 am when I finally decided to try to 4:30 am decided to take a Benadryl...5:30 am..finally maybe my eyes started to shut then 5:45 am the friggin alarm clock goes off!

    My mind wonders to while Im there trying to sleep. Did I remember to do this...I wonder what so and so is up to...I should call my mom...did I pay the cable bill...ARGGGGHHHHHHHH

    Maybe a shot of rum would help??
  8. I´ve definitely had the same problem. It got better lately when I went to an aromatherapy session. Maybe you could give it a go? Also what helps is when you jut to a paper all the things that are on your mind before going to bed.
  9. A couple of glasses of red wine works wonders :graucho:...

    I often have trouble sleeping and when it's really bad, like I can't turn off my mind...I take HALF of a tylenol PM...just a half though...the regular doseage is 2 caps, but even 1 will leave you groggy and out of it in the morning (unless you're one of the lucky FEW that have 8 or 9 hours to sleep!!)...

    Honestly, half a PM works wonders! It's just enough to allow me to fall asleep and stay asleep but doesn't hinder my morning!

    Good luck!!
  10. omg my fellow insomniacs... *sigh
    thank god I found this post, I feel/felt so alone...

    I've been seeing a therapist about this too and all her advice are kinda useless I'm the type to think in bed too and my thoughts just wonder

    I guess the best thing to do is to NOT get up, and also what helps me is using heat pads or something to warm the bed, make it all nice and toasty before you climb in to sleep....
  11. I posted about this topic a few months ago. I have had severe insomnia since grad school, which was a long time ago..I finally gave up on the non medicine interventions, though I tried for many years to make them work.
    I have to take Lunesta about 2 times per week. It is good for people who have that anxiety/mind won't shut off problem. Benadryl makes me groggy the next day, but Lunesta won't. By prescription only.
  12. I have it. My mind never stops working. TV used to help but now it is just late nite junk and infomercials.

    When I finally go to sleep I need 8-9 hours. I have my days and nights mixed up..

    I can't take Benedryl. I am afraid to mess with sleeping meds. Everyone that I know that takes them is kookie.
  13. Well turn off the TV! I feel like I experience it too sometimes... but it is my own fault :push:
  14. Hi how did you guys get on Lunesta, I've been talking to my doctor about this problem and he's not giving me anything and he's basically saying its my fault for being too stressed out and the answer is exercise more and stop stressing (WTF)....
  15. I exercise, and I take good care of myself...I have the biggest sleeping problem ever!! Up and down all night!!! Thank god I have the pleasure of not working OR working like crazy...but sometimes I sleep like 3-4 hours a night and then I HAVE to have a nap in the day...I have had this problem for years. So much so that Im used to it.