Insollite organizer question!

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  1. Does any one have or saw an insollite organizer? Is it big enough to hold 4passports? Or maybe 3? I wanted to get it as my travel organizer for passport and boarding card.. i dont know whether its big enough. Please post pic if you have.. i have seen a lot of people post it as a daily wallet. How about as a travel organizer? thank you thank you!
  2. Yes it is big enough. I don't have one but have considered it and held it in my hands. 4 passports might be pushing it .. do you plan to hold it in the middle between the snap buttons or actually slide it into the flat pockets? Definitely 1 each side is OK. I'm thinking 2 each is OK too but do not have it to show you
  3. I have one. It is big enough for a passport. Not sure how many though. You may be able to get 4 in there.
  4. I have one. It's pretty big. You may stretch it out a bit with 4 passports but it would probably hold.
  5. Thank you thank you thank you! If you all think its goint to fit. I will give it a shot...hopefully it at least fit 3passport...
  6. 3 for sure
  7. Can i fit all 3 in the zipper compartment. The large one?
  8. Great wallet hands down. I use mine everyday and it is the best louis wallet I have owned.