Insolite's 2nd repair desperation

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  1. I am frustrated, need to vent and I know you fellow tPFers will hear me out and possibly advice me on what to do next.

    I bought my Insolite Pink wallet at the end of Sept.2010. The glazing started peeling a year later (I do baby my LVs) but since I have to drive a long way to the nearest LV store, I brought it to the store in March 2012 (well within a 2 year guarantee). It took them almost 2 months to repair but it came back in a nice shape and completely reglazed in May 2012.

    In July 2012, just 2 months later, I noticed the glazing was peeling again so in August, I took it to Prague's LV store since I was on a mini vacation there. I nicely suggested that I would prefer a store credit since the wallet was still within its 2 year guarantee and was having the same problem for the second time around.

    Fast forward one month.

    I just got off the phone with Prague store and the SA in charge of repairs was very rude to me telling me that I should be grateful that they repaired it for free and that store credit will not happen. I asked for an explanation on how to use something that obviously has a repetitive problem and asked whether I should drive 400kms every 3 months, wait for a month and go back to store to pick it up every time it starts peeling again. He told me that he will not lead philosophical disputes on what will happen if. And to top it off informed me that this repair was different from the first one. He couldn't explain how is one glazing of the edges different from the same glazing of the edges and simply stated that Paris ruled that way.

    In our legal system you are entitled for your money back if the same problem repeats/has to be repaired 3 times. Not only didnt Prague store make sure I was a happy customer and give me store credit after 2 repairs of the same repair, but by claiming that it was a different repair, disabled me from getting my money back even when the problem appears again (which I am sure will).

    What should I do? I used to be a huge LV advocate (especially because of their quality), but this just made me very angry :cry:.
  2. WOW that was a horrible experience...well, i'm actually in the same boat as you, i have my zippy wallet for 7 months that's start peeling & have to go & drive 1 hr to a store & expecting them to exchange it since it's less than a year. Spoke with the manager with NO people skills, very rude just took my wallet for repair & cannot guarantee that if this happens again which i'm sure it will cu'z it happened to a brand new wallet, what more on one that's been repaired. It's in repair by now but what aggravates me is we buy high end item so we expect high end customer service esp when things with quality issues, they need to stand by their product! With the way this is going i guess it's time to look into some other designer bags although all my life i'm a Louis Vuitton fanatic! sad but true!!!! :/
  3. Be aware - unless your particular country has specific laws as to warranties, that LV does not carry any warranty at all on their products - not one year - not two years. There is no warranty. I'm so sorry that happened. Quality seems to be going down the tubes. I have a 15 year old porte tresor international that still looks new. They don't make them like that anymore.
  4. Thank you for the interesting info, charleston-mom. Fortunately my country does have a 2 year warranty and a regulation that states that once the same problem has been repaired 3 times, the product is considered irreparable. But by stating that the 2nd repair was different from the first one, they are making it hard for me to exercise my rights, if the glazing peels again.

    What I do not understand is that other people here on the forum, when they had a problem with their item for the second time, they are usually offered store credit. I am a loyal customer, buy about 4 bags + X slgs/year (in various stores around the world), why don't I deserve the same treatment? :sad:
  5. The SA's in the Prague store are extremely rude. I would try & deal with the corporate HQ. Good luck!
  6. Its not a defect its wear an tear. It's a known fact that this is just a common thing that happens to these wallets. My SA warned me and I didn't listen and then bam pealing cracking. My SA said never buy a canvas wallet because it will not last get a leather wallet. You think I would have listened three wallets later.
  7. I am glad to hear that it isnt just me not being a likeable person but them being not good in what they are supposed to do. BMW: I recommend the Budapest store (because of their lovely SAs) when in the Centraleuropean area :smile:

    Oh wow, 3 wallets gone wrong? I wouldnt be a happy camper!
    What puzzles me though is that my friend has a 6 y.o. perfo wallet in canvas with a TON of glazing and she complains that it looks so immaculate that she can't reason herself into buying new one since the old one looks I guess the peeling=normal wear and tear with canvas wallets from 2007 onwards :biggrin: :tdown:
  8. I know someone that has a wallet that looks amazing after years too and it annoys me because I take really good care of my things and these wallets are driving me nuts. I have heard that the zippy long wallets are good because they are folded over on the edges and sewn but these wallets with glaze just do not last and its pretty annoying that they do this but the SA's I showed mine to said wear and tear thats normal. My regular SA warned me but I didn't listen shame on me!
  9. I would call back and ask to speak to someone higher up. I would also continue to call and speak to someone higher on the 'food chain' until you get someone who will empathize with the situation and see it for what it is. The man you spoke with has no interest in helping you and won' you need to continue talking to people until you find someone who will help you....I am sorry that this is happening to you!
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    Yeah, that is rude. Wouldn't surprise me though, as i've dealt with many many people/company like that. Its as if everyone seems to be chasing profit these days.

    But without seeing the problem (photos) i don't exactly know your situation.


    If you want to pursue this...

    By SA did you mean regular SA or the after sales or repair specialist?

    Either go to another store if its possible or just go straight and ask you want someone higher up. Usually this man/woman is the National After Sales and Quality Manager.

    I would also suggest you contact Consumer Rights to have them help you. If that doesn't work. They do have one in Czech right?

    But how bad is the problem? Any photo perhaps?
  11. I had an insolite organizer that after 4 months was a complete mess! I took it to my LV and they reglazed it for free. The day after I picked it up it was falling apart again. I took it right back and they offered me an exchange on the spot.

    So I picked a zippy organizer...I carried it for one day and the glazing was all cracked and peeling! LOL I went back and said that I didn't want another exchange, but just showed her how this wallet was also peeling, and she INSISTED that I exchange it on the spot.

    The new one was perfect..It's started to have a little bit of a peeling problem now, but I carry it HEAVILY and overstuff it and it's very abused. LOL

    I think it really depends on the SA..I'm sorry yours aren't being good about it..I'd try calling customer service to see if they can help!