Insolite wear and tear?

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  1. Hi there,
    I want to get the Insolite with the yellow pop but am wondering about the wear and tear. When it is open does one half of the wallet fall over and does the hinge/fold break down over time?

    I would post pic but don't have access to my camera or phone right now!
  2. I went to get the Insolite last week but I had to return it. It was NOT easy to use. The pockets are way too deep and the coins get stuck in the zipped compartment. But I do think that it is a beautiful wallet, just not very functional IMHO.
  3. I have an Insolite but its not the yellow pop, but I doubt that matters? Mine doesn't really fall over because when I open my wallet I kinda hold it in a way so it doesnt. I think that if you did eventually it would "wear and tear" but if you kinda take care of it I dont think u should have any issues. =)
  4. I have an insolite in Rubis and it's been repaired once last year as one of the press studs got removed from the base as I was opening it. LV fixed it and it's back to BN condition but I open it ever so carefully now as I'm paranoid it might happen again.

    In terms of functionality, I think other wallets are better.
  5. I've had mine for a year now (I have the purple from the original line), and mine still looks new *knock on wood*. I love all the compartments and three places you can put bills (I put emergency money in the zippered bill compartment). I also added the accordian wallet chain that the store ordered for me, so I can tuck it under my arm or hold it wristlet style. Got so many compliments on it.

    Haven't used my Pomme french purse since I got the Insolite.
  6. ^Ooooh putting a chain on the insolite sounds like a very good idea. Will do the same once I buy a chain :smile:
  7. I have an insolite wallet in rose pop since Nov-09, and totally agree that it is a beautiful wallet, but by far not my absolute favorite to use... it is not coin-friendly - they get stuck in the crevices and with too many coins, the wallet gets bulky. Also, in the top zippered compartment, you have to place your bills carefully because they could get caught in the zipper.

    But it does have enough compartments of different sizes for checks, cards, even band-aids and my allergy meds. Very functional. Plus I purchased the chain ($100+) to attach to the D-ring(?) and it secures the wallet in my Neverfull, and also loops nicely for when I want to carry the wallet by itself.

    I'm not gentle with it, but so far no chipping or anything. Looks great!
  8. It's a beautiful wallet, just not that functional. I would go with a zippy.
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    I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong I'm new to this.

    My Bf bought me a insolite multicolor with Litchi lining for my b'day in Aug and i just spotted that one of the prints(circle things) is missing a bit of paint, i don't know if i should take it back cause i just went in yesterday to see them about some marks(pen and i dunno what the other marks are) and the Lady said she'll try to get it out and after about few minutes she came out and said that she couldn't do anything about it, now that i look at it i think she made it worst, don't get me wrong she a nice lady.

    My bf said that cause i just went in yesterday they could say 'i did that myself ' but the thing is, its not even in the same place.

    So i dunno what to do now? Plss plss plss plss help

    Sorry to bump the thread up
  10. I heard stories from other TPFers that the color prints on MC tend to rub off (fade is better word?!) over time.

    Maybe ask another store to see if they can repair it. Good luck.