Insolite wallet's edge is splitting.....can it get repaired?

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  1. Title says is pictures..... Edge at canvas is splitting. Looks like the splitting line is propagated almost entire length of the wallet. Only at one side, the thinner side. The other side is fine. I used for 4 years. Not abused or over stuffed. The thin side edge is also curel up.
    My main concern: can it be repaired? How much?
    Nearest LV store is 3 and half hours by car. Appreciate any info. Thanks!

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  4. Not an expert but I would assume it can be re glazed? Hope others chime in as I'm curious too.
  5. Yes - they can repair it. Will probably run about $150. It's worth it. That's a beautiful wallet and the rest of it looks in beautiful condition. I have the same one and love mine too!
  6. +1
  7. Yup, it just needs to be reglazed & it will be as good as new again :smile:
  8. Thanks to everyone. Got to love this forum. $150 will be alright. Rose pop is not available any more. Just need to plan a trip. Thanks again.
  9. Needs to be reglazed. My SA actually told me not to get the Insolite if I plan to use it as my every day wallet. The pulling of the snaps to open it puts too much pressure on the canvas, and this happens. They will just call this wear and tear, and not a defect unfortunate. I ended up with a Brazza in DE instead which I love.

    Love the Insolite wallet, but probably best if one owns one to not snap it closed unless you tend to just carry it as a clutch and need the security. I know that many people keep it unsnapped if it is in the purse.

  10. I've used mine for years at least several times a week. No problems with the snap. It's actually really durable. I think it's a great wallet. I'll never sell mine. I'd reglaze in a heartbeat if it ever needs it. They have a new one out I saw today with coral interior. It's gorgeous.