Insolite Coin Purse..

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  1. I currently have a pink graffiti wallet that I love, but have seen that a lot of them get wear-and-tear with the graffiti wearing off. I was thinking of possibly getting an insolite wallet to use sometimes to lessen the wear on my graffiti.... but I'm afraid that I might not use my graffiti as much because I'm bad about trading out stuff and I love that wallet. Should I not worry about it?

    I heard there is a rose and a violet coming out in April in the insolite which is what made me intrigued... :nuts:
  2. Nooooo .. I just bought the LE orange one .. grrs! I might just have to take a look .. LOL!
  3. Sounds interesting, especially the Violet. Hopefully, they'll be more news soon...
  4. OOH, the colors sound gorgeous, I hadn't heard anything about new colors yet. I don't have the insolite coin purse but I do have the insolite wallet and I love it! If you are really worried about protecting your graffiti wallet, and you want to make sure it lasts longer, I would probably invest in the insolite coin purse. Just force yourself to change them out every couple of months!
  5. Yeah I thought the colors sounded great! I think they mentioned green and perhaps another color... But I can't remember what now. The rose and violet both sounded pretty! I was interested before and wanted a mono piece so I might just go for it so I can stop worrying about my graffiti all the time. So far it still looks good, but I throw it around quite a bit so I think having an alternate would be nice!
  6. A violet ?! Mannn ! I have the orange one already