Insolia for High Heels - 25% off w/ Free Ship


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May 25, 2006
Got the following email from


The Holidays are almost here and we have a special gift for you. Early next year our newest product, Insolia Flex, will become available in the US. Because you have been a loyal customer of our other Insolia products we are offering you this revolutionary product now, months early, at a 25% discount with free shipping via first class mail.

Insolia for High Heels has revolutionized comfort for high heel shoes. Now with our new product, Insolia Flex, we now do the same thing for both women’s flat shoes and men’s shoes.

Insolia Flex offers a superior insole approach – making it easier to walk and be more comfortable. This is the opposite of “toning” shoes that supposedly make you look good by making it harder to walk so your muscles get “toned”, a claim that is now generating complaints and lawsuits.

Unlike “toning” and other marketing gimmicks, Insolia Flex has been proven to make walking easier and more comfortable so you enjoy the real benefits of walking.

Insolia Flex works by enhancing the natural rotational movement of the ball of foot and big toe joint. This enables a naturally positioned arch and a fuller stride while walking.

Simply put - regardless of shoe design, Insolia Flex improves walking efficiency by allowing for proper foot flexing, at the right time and in the right location.

Act now and get your 25 % discount and our Holiday gift to you of free shipping. If you share this email with your family and friends, they too will get 25 % off and free shipping.

Go to, use coupon code 11gift12, good until December 31, 2011, and you are on your way to getting the newest and most advanced shoe insoles, Insolia Flex.

All the best from all of us,
HBN Shoe – Makers of Insolia