Insolia for CLs?

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  1. Has anyone here used Insolia insoles for their CLs?

    I picked up a pair a while ago and completely forgot I had them, but tonight I came across them and decided to give them a try. I just came across them and put them in my CL Som1s. I didn't expect much because I just didn't get how they're supposed to work. :huh:

    So, I have to tell you -- I'm really surprised -- they actually do make the shoe noticeably comfortable. I notice I'm not putting as much pressure on the ball of my foot.:tup:
    insolia 2.jpg insolia 1.jpg
  2. Cool! Thanks for the info.
  3. where'd you get them? how much??
  4. i've used insolia on decolletes and the five inch pigalles and yes, they do make a difference. i got them from ages ago. sorry, i can't remember how much though.
  5. It's great to know they have worked for you.:flowers: I didn't want to run out and buy several pairs if I was going to be disappointed with the results.

    I have a few pairs of CLs that I can't wear all day because the balls of my feet start hurting mid-way through the day. I'm definitely picking up more of these.
  6. CVS definitely carries them. I've also seen them at my local grocery store (Fred Meyer, aka Kroger's in the east coast) for about $7.99.
    I think I am gonna give these a try!
  7. I packed a few pairs of shoes this morning to take to the cobbler and noticed that the gold-stamped Christian Louboutin name and Paris had almost completely worn off in a few of my shoes.

    I'm thinking that the insolias will not only make the shoe more comfortable, but they'll save the stamped lettering inside the shoe from fading ... or at least leave the inside of my shoes looking a little newer.:idea:
  8. Hello ladies who have used insolias with success in their CLs. I have a pair of 36 85 slingbacks and I need to buy insolias. I know CLs tend to run small, so I was wondering how true to size the insolias are...? I am a 36 6, but in most shoes I wear a 35.5. Right in the middle of the small medium insolia sizes. Any insight you girls have would be much appreciated!:tup: