Insoles and heel grips

  1. Have any of you ladies used the Airplus range of clear insoles and/or heel grips.

    They do a full length 'invisigel' Ladies Gellies, a 3/4 length version and 'Hug My Heels' gel heel liners.

    I was looking for Dr. Scholls clear versions but they are proving difficult to find here in the UK. So I wondered if these Airplus alternatives are any good. What do you think?

    Thier web site in the USA is

    and here in the UK it is
  2. I have actually used the airplus ball of foot gel pad liner. It is a clear gel liner that is very thin. Since it is so thin, I rely on it more for helping my feet not to slide forward in the shoe rather than for cushion. I would love to try its Hug My Heels gel heel liners, but haven't been able to find it. I have the Dr. Scholls version of the heel liner and find that is just a tad too thick, pushes my foot forward and makes the toebox tighter.

    BTW, your first link brought me to something related to aviation and not shoe liners. ;)
  3. Sorry, should have been
  4. Ive tried the Dr. Scholls heel liner & dont really like them. I dont know if its just me & im the dumb blonde that cant figure the stupid things out...but every time I try to put them in I either stretch them out to the point that they snap in half, or i just have trouble taking the back thing off in order to stick it in the ends of not sticking. I know it sounds stupid, but Ive spend a lot of money buying new ones because I cant figure the damn things out! lol

  5. I was wondering if the 3/4 length version and 'Hug My Heels' would take up the slack on a 1 size oversized shoe.
  6. I haven't used Airplus products before, but I just may try something new. I have used Dr. Scholl's clear ball of foot cushion and like them, but their heel gripper is much too thick. I also find that the Dr. Scholl's heel grippers come off much too easily after a few wears. I think I may try Airplus instead to see if I like their products better.
  7. Well I've ordered one of each, so I will be able to let you know the results in a little while.