Insole quality

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  1. Is it normal for the insoles to have air bubbles and to lift up around the edges? I feel like it shouldn't be...:s

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  2. My Bretelles were doing that a bit. If I see it I smooth it down again, but if it becomes a huge problem I might take it somewhere to see if they can get it fixed.
  3. someone with either too big of a foot or too small of a foot must have tried it on. it's a typical problem I think.
  4. <----------------These have the same problem. I just keep reminding myself that CLs are handmade...

    laneybaby yours are gorgeous!
  5. OK thanks...I was just curious :smile:

    jancedtif thanks!
  6. Yup. I bought a pair of slightly pre-owned CLS and either the prev. owner had feet too small or big b/c they did that, then the insole started to bunch up at the toe. Ew! I disinfected the insole and reattached it with super glue (I know, not great but I don't have a cobbler in my area that would have done any better). It is fixed now (albeit, not completely new looking) and it doesn't bother me by shifting when I walk.
  7. ^^^I think this happens because the leather expands when it's warm (hot feet!). It's not really a flaw, CL just uses really soft leather for his insoles. Gluing it down is definitely an option. I bought some leather glue and ti seems to work nicely.