Insole Measurements Reference Guide

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  1. Hi Ladies--After having some difficulties getting the right fit in a pair of Declics, I had an epiphany--Wouldn't it be helpful to have a place to record the insole measurements of different sizes/shoes to see what size we need in a certain style? Insole measurements are what give me the best idea of how a CL is going to fit, and I was around the sizing thread the other day asking for them, and it definitely helps! If this catchs on, it should obviously be part of the sizing thread in some way.....
    Here goes (Each measurement taken with soft measuring tape held against the curve of the foot, from inner front of shoe to heel):

    Declic Nappa 120, size 39.5: 10" insole
    Beige Grease O my Sling, size 38: 9 7/8"
    Patent Yoyo Zeppa, size 39: 9 7/8"
    Nappa Armadillo D'orsay, size 38: 9 5/8"
    Sabotage, size 39: 9 7/8"
    Patent VP, size 38.5: 9 7/8"
    Minibout, size 38.5: 9.75"

    Let me know your thoughts as to weather this is helpful or not, and add your own insight/measurements!
  2. I think this is a good idea!!
  3. Great idea! I'll have to get out mine and measure. There are some styles that I'm still unsure about in sizing and length so I'd love to see others measurements, particularly in sizing between 5.5-6.5.
  4. This is the best thread EVER!!! I'll post my shoe measurements on Monday
  5. :yahoo: I think this will help us all......
  6. I was totally thinking about starting this thread! Great idea! :tup: I will post measurements tomorrow.
  7. Here are a few more, all in CL size 37.5

    Scissor Girls 9 3/8"
    Ron Ron 9 3/8"
    Matador 10"
    New Simple 9 6/8"
    Francaise pumps 9 7/8"
    Coxinelle 9 5/8"
    Decollete suede 9 1/2"

    To be continued....
  8. Wow! This is such a great idea. If I can remember to get measuring tape, I'll post insole measurements also.

    Thanks for starting this thread! :tup:
  9. Great idea!! Maybe for those adding their insole measurements, you could add the width of the widest part of the shoe, too? Being wider-footed I always find width measurements to be helpful, too.

    I only have two pairs of CLs, but I'll post those measurements when I find my tape measure! lol...
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  10. This will be very helpful, but I think what would be even better would be a reference only post, no questions/chatting where people just post the different shoes/sizes/insole measurements in one place so you can look through for someone who is similar size to you and determine what size you probably need in a particular style..
  11. I agree, Happy. That's kind of what I was going for and should have specified. I am going to go back at add width at ball of foot as well for my previous post, probably tommorow.
  12. dreachick this is such a great idea! i keep all my CL measurements in an Excel file for my own reference, but I'm sure they will now be able to help someone else out there! will post soon.
  13. Decollete, size 40 - 10 2/8" insole
    Minibout, size 40 - 10"
    Clichy 100, size 40 - 10"
    Scissorgirl, size 39.5 - 10"
    Mads, size 39.5 - 10 2/8"
    Africa Queen slingbacks or Haute Serrure, size 39.5 - 9 7/8"
    Pigalle 100, size 39 - 10 3/8"
    Alta Aiella boots, size 39 - Hard to measure but I think it's 10"
  14. I hope this thread grows so that we can make it a sticky! I would be a great help to me because I always need measurements but department stores and some ebay listing don't include them.
  15. I measured the pairs I sold:

    Som1 with 4" heel 40 - 10"
    Suede Ron Ron 85mm 40.5 - barely 10.25" (a bit less)