Insights on Fulton satchel

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  1. Today, I bought the MK large Fulton satchel in black as seen here: MK website

    But now I'm having second thoughts whether or not to keep it. Couple of my concerns: Does it age me/look dowdy and make me look more "serious/uptight"? If worn over the shoulder with the chain link, it looks bulky but still passable. But definitely doesn't look good worn cross-body. It looks better with the straps disconnected and carried as a satchel. But I don't have any satchels because I don't think I'm a satchel kind of gal since I'm always on the go as a uni student. But I was initially drawn to the bag because the leather was so soft and the color is black, goes with any outfit.

    What are your opinions: keep or return and why? Thanks in advance!
  2. Bump!

    Does anyone have this bag? The quilted ones look really nice.
  3. I don't like the huge MK on the front but other than that it looks like a nice bag.

    I din't think its too old for you either.
  4. Yeah, me either. Should have just the regular MK hang tag instead.