insides - are they the same?

  1. Is the inside of a chloe silverado and a paddy the same? Just curious ...
  2. They both have the same cotton twill lining, but the pockets are different. :smile:
  3. thank you so much! I never really realised the insides of my silverado until i was checking out the 'how to spot a real paddy' thread. And yes, my silverado is cream twill with those lines. thanks!
  4. No problem! :flowers:

    Were you worried about the Silverado's authenticity, as the lining didn't look like the Paddy's?

    I actually prefer the way the earlier bags are inside, as I like the lozenge-shaped leather placket. :smile:
  5. No - the silverado is from NAP so i knew she was real. I just thought that maybe chloe would have used 2 different fabrics on the insides of the bags.
    What do u mean about the lozenge-shaped leather placket?

    Mine is a newer silverado - one of the metallic silver ones ... not sure when that would be, like 2 years ago?
  6. ^ Sorry, I worded that badly. :shame:

    I think the older Silverados had a lozenge-shaped placket that the zip for the internal pocket was mounted on (if you see what I mean?); certainly many of the older bags did, but I could be remembering wrong about the Silverado.
  7. The search is down, so I couldn't find a pic on here (almost all pics I could find were cropped to show the heatstamp only), so I looked on eBay, but couldn't find a pic, of a definitely authentic Silverado, which clearly showed its lozenge-shaped leather pocket placket and I, obviously, didn't want to post pics of dubious bags and/or dubious sellers' bags.

    But if you look at Silverados on eBay, you should see what I mean. :yes:

    BTW, by lozenge-shaped, I mean a rectangle with a semi-circle stuck on each end. :biggrin:

    Here's a pic of a (rather grubby!) SS '04 hobo (not mine, I should add!) with a lozenge-shaped placket, so at least you know what I'm on about(!):

    Chloe SS '04 Hobo (interior).jpg
  8. Oh yes! that is what mine looks like! Although its a lot cleaner .... i just dont ever seem to 'mess up' my bags. Its not at all like i'm super clean or anything, they just dont get dirty.
  9. ^ Yes, same here. :yes:

    Incidentally, just to clarify things for future reference, that pic is not of the inside of a Silverado Hobo, it is of the inside of another style of hobo (a plaited/braided strap one) from S/S '04; I just included it to demonstrate the lozenge-shaped placket. :yes:

    Actually, coming to think of it, I don't even know if 'placket' is the right word; but I don't know what else to call it, so 'placket' it'll have to be! :lol: