***INSIDER NEWS FROM SA: Balenciaga in the sale IT IS FIERCE***

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  1. #1 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    Hey there!

    I thought this would be quite interesting to share with you boys and girls. I work in a department store during school holidays as a SA. As you guys know, due to the global economic downturn, folks are supposedly not as crazy as they used to be when it comes to buying luxury goods. Ok let's face it we all love bargains and Balenciaga is just to-die-for but when you have Balenciaga+Bargain= catfights

    A good thing about being a SA is, you get to choose what you want in the sale before everybody else on the street and oh yeah lets not forget about the amazing staff discount. There were only a few Balenciaga bags in the sale preview for staff so I got one of the two GGH clutches.

    Unsurprisingly when the doors were opened on the actual day of sale, hundreds of people all rushed in at once and they all ran to the consessions to get the bags. I saw a woman grabbed an armful of Miu Miu and 3 Balenciaga Day hobo in 3 split seconds then ran up the escalators to the ladieswear department. Absolutely horrifying sights.
    Another woman spotted the last GGH clutch as she was about to pick it up, an asian woman snatched it (approx in 0.2 seconds) with 3 GSH Money wallets in her hand + a Balenciaga SS08 Floral City. Then I heard alot swearings and undecent language being used... oh yeah of course the asian woman didn't let go.

    okay you guys are going to hate me but I got my GGH really cheap!!! :smile: I'm a happy bunny :o)
  2. OMG what department store is this? LOL
  3. OMG!!! How much did you pay for the GGH Clutch???
  4. All this chat and no photos?!

    Almost seems unfair.
  5. need more info !! come on !! :nuts:
  6. Must have been the Saks sale...
  7. yeah,:graucho:How much did you pay for the GGH Clutch? Sorry the naughty questions...:sneaky:
  8. spill please, we want the details:popcorn:
  9. Shouldn't it be it WAS fierce? sniff sniff.
  10. :useless:

    This thread is perfect for the above smiley.
  11. ^^ i was just going to post that as well. where is the OP?? still at the sale perhaps?:shrugs:
  12. ^^ Probably out for happy hour with her new clutch?
  13. Im always missing sales :tdown::cursing::sad::mad::crybaby:
  14. ^^:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. U ladies are so funny....i also wuld like to know how much u pay for it....hehe