inside the purse ;)

  1. im bored thought i'd share some pics of wut i put in my bag! i can carry so much!! so convinient for school =D


  2. Wow, that's a lot of stuff you're carrying.
    Btw, i love your bag, it was on my waiting list.
  3. nice graphing calulator =D,love the bag!
  4. Great bag! But it must be so heavy!
  5. ^ its not that heavy actually =D
  6. I looooove that bag! It's gorgeous!! I'm eyeing it on the Coach website right now...
  7. Wow, you fit a-lot of stuff in that bag!
  8. LOL I'm the opposite, all my accessories are coach, so if you look inside it looks like the boutique exploded in it.
  9. Nice!

  10. :yes: me, too!
  11. and thanks for posting the pics, now I have a good idea what-all will fit in it!
  12. ^ np you can fit a lot, and few more than what i have =D
  13. sorry if i sound silly, but may I ask which model is that?
    Is it the sig gallery tote?
  14. WOW! it does fit alot! :yes:
  15. I love Coach's totes...aren't they so wonderful?! You can carry quite a bit, would be perfect for school.