Inside the Mini Ellipse

  1. Okay folks here are the pics I promised. Today I took, one Bare Escentuals lip gloss, one lip balm, my driver's liscense and ATM card, a cell phone, Bare Escentuals compact, a Weight Watchers weekly tracker (folded) and my Brighton pill box. Had I removed either the phone or the compact I could also get my digital camera (Canon SD450) in there. Hope this helps! Oh and I had keys in there earlier as well on a Swiss Army knife keychain.
    ellipse01.jpg ellipse02.jpg
  2. Wow thats awesome :smile:
  3. Oh Wow, it holds quite alot. I :heart: it!:flowers:
  4. I love it! It's soooo cute! :love: It's definitely on my "To Buy" List!!:yes:
  5. thanks for the pictures and description!
  6. Thank you krispin41 for posting that pic! It's fab, I didn't know it could hold so much!
  7. Wow, that carries A LOT! the mini ellipse is soo cute
  8. Wow! That holds TONS!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  9. I did not know it could hold so much! wow.
  10. wow, it holds so much for its size!!! Damn...something else to save up for!
  11. It's so cute! I want one, too, now!:heart:
  12. thank you for posting this! i always underestimated how much the little ellipse could hold but now i'm wrong. it's sooooo cute though! :girlsigh:
  13. Wonderful, thank you for posting the pics! As long as it holds my wallet, RAZR, keys, a couple of lippies, and small Advil bottle, I'd be happy.
  14. Thanks for the pic! I want one now :biggrin:
  15. Thank you for the holds more than wapity..hmmm..I think I want it..