Inside the LV wallet

  1. I really like LV wallets, but I've noticed that some really old ones have peelings inside them (I've 2 friends who have vintage wallets and they're looking worn on the inside...but still function really well!); what exactly is the interior made of? Is it really leather? Somehow I doubt this because the texture is very smooth, and I notice that the cross-grain lining on the wallet doesn't experience this type of damage...

    If the lining does eventually peel, will LV be able to repair it? I don't want to invest on something that cannot be fixed!

    This is a picture of the interior of a tresor wallet I found on ebay to show an example of what I'm talking about:


  2. My PTI has grained leather lining, here's the pic:

  3. I find all LV wallets peel. My boyfriends damier one started doing it after being only having it for 5 or 6 months. He had it repaired, only to have it happen again, and so after only owning it for a year we replaced it with a leather Gucci wallet. My mono koala began doing the same thing after owning it for only 2 months, and so I stopped by and showed them. For whatever reason, they said my peeling was a defect, but my boyfriends peeling was "normal wear and tear" (wtf?) - they replaced my mono koala with a new one - 6 months later this one's peeling too. I love my wallet, and I've embraced the peeling - but no $600.00 wallet should peel IMO.

  4. I think the older lv wallets are like this and tend to peel. I dont think the new ones will the yare made differently. :smile:
  5. The new PTI's aren't even leather inside. I was so disappointed when I found that out that I returned the one I bought!
  6. Crap, the auction picture isn't working. But I'm pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about when it comes to peeling...

    I love that PTI; at least it's all leather! I'm sure that LV wallets are really well-crafted and can last a while, but I'll have to be extra-picky when finding the perfect wallet (this PTI you posted looks very beautiful and tempting).

    What exactly is this lining that peels on the other wallets? Is it artificial leather lining? I guess I'll have to find out the hard way and do some research...
  7. Okay, found something that may solve my's under the section for the care and feed of bags, but I think this could apply to wallets (someone correct me if I'm wrong). According to Mrs. Troppo:

    "It is no exaggeration to say that every Louis Vuitton owner in Japan has experienced a "rotten" pocket lining. Not the cross-grain leather lining, but the smooth lining used for pockets. It is NOT genuine leather but synthetic! Damaged pocket linings are described as "melted", "sticky", "peeling", or "flaking". This is caused by the humidity. The moisture in the air is retained inside the pocket lining where it does not vent (naturally). The water "rots" while being retained in the material, and this causes the stickiness. Then the water evaporates as the weather dries, and that causes the peeling and flaking. In the worst case, both front & back of the pocket linings are this synthetic leather (like inside pockets), and the pocket ends up being shut as the material melts and dries like glue. Nothing you can do but have them replaced by Louis Vuitton (expensive). You really need to air & air & air the pockets, especially in storage, to avoid this problem."

    After reading this (as well as the responses), I don't think it's worth replacing the lining if it does end up peeling; I'll just accept the peeling as it is. :shrugs:
  8. my pouchette accessories strap handle...the glue dun seems to stick the leather well as it seems to be peeling away that normal too? SHould i glue it back then? with what glue?!

    i showed it to the LV SA this afternoon n they say genuine LV do not peel! they do not have such cases either! I feel so embarrassed as if she is suggesting mine is fake!
  9. ^^^ Do you mean that the strap is splitting?
  10. its near to the zipper handle...the leather peel abit...maybe i pull the zipper often...n thus the leather crack n peel? no idea how it comes about
  11. ^^^ Can you post a pic?
  12. My bf's wallet is not peeling yet...however, where the card slots are, there is a funny white film. Ive also noticed this has happened on an old speedy that i have. Not to mention, the stitching is coming apart on the side of his wallet:wtf:
  13. Addy: i do not own any camera n do not have a cable for my mobile phone to transfer pic :sad:

    its starting to split...nevermind...i guess i will not use it to save it from further damage
  14. I can't believe that they do not use real leather for the prices they charge. It is not like we are spending $5.00. Is it to much to ask for good quality materials that stand up over time.
  15. Isn't the interior of vernis wallets calf leather though?