Inside the Life of a Boogie Bucket

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  1. I don't yet own a Tano bag but my minilisa shipped, and I can't wait to get it! I've also been quite taken with the Boogie Bucket, and I realize that it's Tano's bestseller.

    I'd love to hear from you Boogie owners about how you use your Boogie, what you carry in it, do you have kids in tow, and why it's such a great choice. :yes:

    Stories? Pictures? Snapshots of your daily life? Bring 'em on!:tup:
  2. #2 Aug 13, 2008
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    I have a lawn green boogie bucket from spring/summer. It is a great work tote/shoulder bag and fits everthing I need for a day out and about. It could also be a great mom bag because of it's roominess. I am thinking about getting one in a fall color too.

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  3. Love my boogie buckets! They are really roomy and are the perfect toss over the shoulder bag! I got the avocado a few weeks ago for fall. Truffle may be next...
  4. When you said it's a "great mom bag" I was sold! I have 3 toddlers that I am always having to carry things for and I was never one of those moms who could give up my purse for a big diaper bag. Love that this will fit a ton so I can bring those necessities (aside from my own). Thanks for the tip!
  5. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a slacker. Sometimes I find myself gazing at my Boogie...riding shotgun slouched down all low. She just puddles no matter how much stuff I put in her! :shame:


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  6. ^^^ Is yours a Lawn green, too? It's gorgeous!

    I have one in Pomegranate and one in Truffle (just got it the other day, haven't used it yet!). I love that I can stuff things in it and because it's structured, I have to do very little digging around to find my things. I did get a Moleskine accordian-folder book to hold receipts, business cards, maps, etc. This really helps with a bag like the Boogie. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is my keys, I really want to find a nice little vintage kiss-lock bag to keep my keys in. But I really love this bag-- as I said, it's got some structure BUT... it still has that sexy slouch to it. Best of both worlds, in my opinion!
  7. Liz,

    Love these colors, and the pictures are gorgeous! It seems like a great 'mom' bag. I keep looking at the mandarin one...but I'm trying to restrain myself! The grape one is wicked gorgeous, too!:yes:
  8. Love the photo of your Boogie in action! Do you find that it is very comfortable under your arm after it has been broken in for awhile? That's the only thing that concerns me...I don't want it right underneath my arm; it's a 'thing' I have...;)
  9. I have that same Moleskin accordian folder book for receipts! I have the smaller one. I was wondering about this bag because I often carry some work items--planner, receipts, other items--as well as stuff for my kiddos. This bag and the minilisa are the two that have really turned my head.

    Is that what happens? You get one and then you need another one?:nuts:
  10. Oh, yes! Someone here said they're like potato chips, one isn't enough! :lol:
  11. The avocado is so gorgeous--I picked up a wristlet in that color because I just wanted something in that color. Almost all my bags are neutral, so that was a fun burst of color.

    Truffle boogie? Very pretty! Make sure to post pics if you succumb to the temptation....
  12. Yep, mine is Lawn. I also have Apricot and Grape. I find the Boogie very comfy on my shoulder. The strap is a little stiff at first (like the leather) but it breaks in very quickly (just like the leather, lol). And it slouches so it isn't right underneath your arm....I know what you mean and I despise armpit bags, lol!
  13. I just bought my first Tano (sexbomb) and now I'm looking at the boogie and am SO wanting one!!!
  14. Welcome to the addiction that is Tano!
  15. You know, I've been very good about scaling down how many bags I have...being mindful, thoughtful about my purchases...and these bags are going to be a serious temptation! :nuts:

    Oh well, I can always just admire all these beautiful designs and then put my credit card in the freezer!:P