Inside the Cucciolo, Campeggio, BV, and Stellina?

  1. Ladies, I'm trying to decide between some of the bigger bag styles and I was wondering what was inside them -- in terms of compartments?

    Does the Cucciolo have inside slots for bottles? Does the Campeggio and Stellina have compartments? Is the BV just a giant tote inside?

    I want to try a bigger bag but I don't want all my stuff loose all over the place.

    If anyone has time to post pix of the insides, that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated too! :smile:

  2. I only own a AS Stellina and today I got my AS BV! I love it! I thought it was going to be big, but it actually look very nice on the shoulder. Much more comfortable then the MM. I want more BV's now.

    here is a picture of how everything looks inside my Adios Star BV. Still lots of room, but I don't mind. There is a front pocket for cell phone and a zipper pocket right next to it and a back zipper pocket.

    and everything outside my bag.
  3. djr0658-Where did you get that tokiphone?
  4. i made it myself:smile:!
    all it is, is a clear razr case with the toki stationary!
    It's very easy to make, one of a kind and cheap!:yahoo:
  5. djr0658: Your AS BV is sooooo CUTE!! It got me back to considering getting one again. *sigh* I may have to call SH today and see what they have available. :smile:
  6. Here's pics of what I have in my bag...I use it as a baby bag primarily.


    I usually put the pacifiers in one small pocket, then in the little zippered pocket I keep my tide pen, lip gloss and inhaler. In the big zippered pocket, I keep my wallet and camera, as well as little things like coupons or straws etc. My keys and cell phone I usually have in the mesh pockets on the outside. I also manage to put a baby blanket on top and maybe a spare onesie. But since I hadn't packed my bag for the day quite yet I didn't bother getting those there. I can still zip it up and I alwasy surprise myself with how much I can fit in there.

    I did mange to fit my 12" Powerbook in the bag too once of course I had to cut back on the number of bottles and take out the cosemetic pouch, spare balnket and toy.
    DSC00572.jpg DSC00573.jpg
  7. Spacegal - we use the Sassy Mam bottles too!
  8. The Cucciolo only has one big inside zip pocket, a cell phone pocket, and another zip pocket next to it :s The front pockets are huuge though and it has the side mesh pockets like the BV or the MM.

    The Campeggio is smaller than the Cucciolo with the same inside pockets.. front pockets too but no mesh pockets.

    The Stellina is even smaller than the Campeggio, and I don't think it could lug around a whole lot.
  9. Here's a pic of everything that was inside my Campeggio. I also usually have a change of clothes for baby and some jars of baby food too, with lots of room left over. I can carry my wallet and cell phone in one of the front pockets too.

  10. sassy!
  11. Ladies, THANK YOU for posting all the info and for the pix too!! I really really appreciate it!! It helps alot, although now I want all of your bags. LOL. :lol:

    I love this forum, everyone is super helpful. :smile:
  12. campeggio is good for school it fits my 1inch binder and 14.1 inch laptop as well as agenda small text ds lite cellphone and wallet and snacks. its pretty big in there and has alot of little pockets for small things. back zipper compartment can be used for keys, front two flap pockets can be for cellphone pens wallet ds etc.
  13. i know this is off topic but i wanted to know where u got the clear rzr case, i want to toki-out my fone but i can't find a clear!
  14. I have one too. The mall near my parent's house has one of those kiosks where they sell tons of cell phone accessories and I got mine there.
  15. o ok ive seen those..thanks gabes_mommy!