Inside the B. Fendi zucca hobo?

  1. Anyone have any pix on the inside of this hobo?


    I am literally falling in love with zucca more and more by the day (purses, sunnies, and eyeing a couple pairs of shoes). Help? Or is there no hope :graucho:
  2. Never really liked the zucca until recently. ^^cute bag! Looks pretty roomy
  3. It's on its way! :yahoo: Now, I already have the b. fendi shown below...
    [​IMG] I'm wondering if the zucca Hobo is too much zucca :shrugs: .

    I did find out the hobo dimensions...took a little homework b/c the BG SA didn't know (online) and didn't know the lining interior fabric or color.

    I found this on elux:

    Flat leather shoulder strap with chain links; 12" drop
    Fine textile lining
    Interior patch pocket and cell phone pocket
    12" x 9.5" x 5.5"

    I'll post pix when it arrives, but I'm not sure if I'm keeping the hobo...
  4. I really really love the b fendi in both the zucca and the black pebbled leather. I can't to see your pix and let me know what you think of it!! I don't think it's too much zucca, well, maybe it is but I personally love it! I thought I was the only one that liked it!
  5. Hey there! Well, as soon as I unpacked it I immediately filled out the exchange slip and it's going back to BG. I didn't even take the protective thin foam off the shoulder strap or buckle to get a pic. I guess I got fickle and decided the zucca looks better in a more 'structured' bag. Or maybe it was just that this hobo looked too big on me. Or maybe it was stuffed and therefore looked bigger than it would with my regular things in it and not stuffed.

    Anyway, I'm exchanging it, for...the "magic" bag! It was discussed in another post and I got fickle :cutesy:

  6. Their do this bag in the Blueberry nappa leather, like it in that best. Your other bags are lovely but prefer just a small amount of Zucca showing like on the Zucca spy as that is contrasted with quite a bit of brown nappa leather
  7. ^^ Saich I have not ventured into Spy territory (yet!) but ITA the Zucca spy is gorgeous!
  8. Why not try just dipping your toe in....LOL once in theirs no going back,:devil: the Zucca is amazing
  9. ^^ hee hee, love your corruptin' there, Saich! ;)
  10. ooh sorry to hear that you returned it! but I understand what you're saying, I hope you love your "magic" bag though. I"m still gonna consider the hobo in the black leather...I would love to try it on first though before ordering it!
  11. You really should look in to the Zucca Spy..its TDF..I saw this Zucca hobo IRL and didnt care for it as the front buckle was WAY TOO HUGE for the bag
  12. ^^ yeah, I really go back and forth on whether I want a Spy or not. I do agree the buckle on this hobo was a little huge. And, I have enough hobos and I think the Magic bag will be a little less casual than the hobo style.

    Thank you everyone for all your tips and feedback!! XXXOO