Inside SCOOP - Saks Handbag Event - Just Buy ONE!

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  1. xxxx
  2. what? how cool!, I just got stuff from saks, can I do another promotion? lol
  3. Sure, no limit as long as on separate transactions! :graucho:
  4. Thanks for the post. Do you know if they are able to waive tax?
  5. Thank you for the info :tup:
  6. thanks for the info!
  7. Just want to ask if this event already started? Any specific brand exclusions? How much for each bag to get the $400 gift card? Thanks for the info.
  8. you can only waive tax if you have them mail it out to some state that does not have Saks.
  9. I live in a state that has a Saks store and have never been charged tax when I order from NY or FL.
  10. Is this only restricted to US citizens?
  11. yes I would like to know too if this is restricted to US residents? Must I apply for any saks card to be eligible? I am planning to purchase a bag thats about $1600 so can I use the gift card of $400 to purchase a pair of shoes at the same time? TIA
  12. oh and is this promotion already on now? :smile:
  13. The Saks at South Coast Plaza does not carry Chanel, can she order Chanel from another store for me so I can be eligible for this promotion?
  14. From what I am told the gift card promo itself is THURSDAY 4/10/08 - one day only. The presale is currently going on -

    There's also a separate promo for shoes -Min $400 purchase of two pairs earns you a $150 GC
  15. x