inside pockets peel?

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  1. :wondering Hi again. I am growing closer to buying my first LV only I think I'm going the used route through a My Poupette seller.

    I need input here. First, I know these bags are high quality (and heck I just love the designs) but for the price - even for a used bag - I'm having trouble with the following:

    why do all the inside pockets peel?:weird:

    why are the bags made of canvas instead of leather? (canvas is pretty cheap no?):amazed:

    and why do the "LV"s eventually fade?:sad:

    I'm a little disillusioned here. I need someone to talk me off the ledge. I found a couple of really nice used bags in good condition and just want to feel at ease about spending the money.

    Should I do it or just go all out and buy a brand new one?:huh: Used, I can buy at least 2.
  2. Which bag? My lining is fabric.

    {I think, now I'm wondering and it's too cold to go to my car!}
  3. what do you mean by the inside pockets peeling?

    and i've never heard of the logo fading except on the multicolor and that's only because they're screenprinted on with a special method i think

    my mother has LV's that are 20+ years old and look like new other than the patina......i've never had a problem with pockets peeling or fading of any kind......i think it's all about how u maintain your bags and i feel like if you dont' abuse your LV horribly it holds up incredibly well because coated canvas is very durable
  4. I'm not sure why the inside pockets peel..I think it may have somethign to do with humidity? or i could be totally off base...

    canvas is a pretty resilient material. you can get leather vuittons ...epi, vernis, suhali

    the lv's fade on the multicolor items..which really doesn't look like fading..more like paint chipping off (a reason why i'm not buying these items anymore). on the regular monogram, it just fades over time with use...on my musette, the lv is fading a bit where i repeatedly place my thumb to close it.

    the best material is the epi leather from vuitton, from my experiences anwyays.
  5. In my personal opinion, I would rather have one brand new LV item, instead of Two used ones that someone else owned. My first piece was the accessory pouch. I think that is a very nice first and its a classic. I have many LV bags and accessories but the accesory pouch is one that I really love. you could use it as a small evening bag, or you could use it as a makeup bag in a large handbag and it always looks wonderful when you pull it out. I think that is a great first LV piece. I think its better something brand new, smaller, and something you know is the genuine thing, that spending money on something used, that you dont know the real quality or authenticity.
  6. I had a gucci peel inside because perfume leaked in it. If your are wont happen.
  7. I already went ahead and did the damage!
    I appreciate the feedback though.

    (where were you 15 minutes ago!)
  8. I thinke the inner pockets peel when you live in humid weather like Japan but if you live somewhere not that humid you'll do o.k.
  9. Some of the older bags that do not have cloth pockets do peel. I have vintage guccis that had this happen. Most bags do not do this anymore and it really has more to do with the environment that they are kept in. The LVs that internally peeled happened alot in Japan due to climate. Say you live in Florida and have no AC you would need to stuff the bag with loose cloth to prevent this. I do not think this happens to much anymore.
    There is a great website that talks about care of your LV here is part of that and the link:

    It is no exaggeration to say that every Louis Vuitton owner in Japan has experienced a "rotten" pocket lining. Not the cross-grain leather lining, but the smooth lining used for pockets. It is NOT genuine leather but synthetic! Damaged pocket linings are described as "melted", "sticky", "peeling", or "flaking". This is caused by the humidity. The moisture in the air is retained inside the pocket lining where it does not vent (naturally). The water "rots" while being retained in the material, and this causes the stickiness. Then the water evaporates as the weather dries, and that causes the peeling and flaking. In the worst case, both front & back of the pocket linings are this synthetic leather (like inside pockets), and the pocket ends up being shut as the material melts and dries like glue. Nothing you can do but have them replaced by Louis Vuitton (expensive). You really need to air & air & air the pockets, especially in storage, to avoid this problem.
    Louis Vuitton changed the material a couple of years ago to supposedly take care of this problem for their new productions, since they ended up having to face tons of VERY UNHAPPY Japanese, who had the lining replaced one year and have to do it again the next year. They tested this new synthetic material in South Asia where the weather is extremely hot and humid. It seems to have been improved, but even this new synthetic lining isn't problem free. I've had reports that it still rots in Japan. >>

    Good luck!
  10. Thank you so much for that info. I live in very dry Southern California so hopefully I won't have that problem. Very good to know. I wonder how much it costs to replace the lining at LV?
  11. I once had a sticky pocket replaced and it was 100 dollars.

    I just got a gorgeous vintage Amazone Jumbo and its perfect except for 1 sticky pocket. I aired it out and placed a folded cotton scarf in there but I think I will eventually need to have it replaced because it just bothers me knowing its there. Its pretty nasty feeling.
  12. ugh, can't these bags just be made better?
  13. Thank you so much for the info! The interior pocket of a vintage bag that I have is peeling a little bit near the zipper. I know that it was stored for a very long time without use so I bet this is what caused it. It's not really sticky, just kind of flaky. At least I know why now!
  14. Taiwan has the same problem. My sisters and I have more than 30 LV wallets/purses/badgs, and half of them have the peeling inside pocket or credit card holders after using 7 ~8 years. Not just look ugly, the wallet can not be used anymore since those peelings are sticky.

    It should be the design issue caused by LV, but why it ends up the customer has to pay for expensive repairing.
  15. I have seen the sticky pockets on vintage LV speedies. My vintage LeSportSac are the worse, the interior coating literally turns to dust.

    I'm hoping to prevent this problem by leaving a small silica vial in my speedy pocket to absorb moisture. I had silica packets handy from some packaged foods and shoe boxes and figured why not, it can't hurt to leave them in there.