Inside Pocket

  1. Just curious.... how many of you use the side zipper pocket that is on the inside of most of the bags and what do you put in it?? I dont really use them because I put all my little stuff in a wristlet. I keep the receipt for that particular bag and the care cards that came with it in there and nothing else but that seems like a waste.
  2. I put my 'girly things' in that zip pocket.

    and my mini-flashlight with my "customer cards" is in there too...on a key ring.
  3. Well I have to leave the Coach "story" booklet in there! with a retractable pen.
  4. I keep my checkbook, ink pen and small datebook in the zipper pocket usually. Good idea to tuck away "girlie things" in there too!
  5. I put tampons and pens in there.
  6. I'll use them sometimes, I'll stick my cell phone in them.
  7. no no...GIRLY things... ;)

    i used to keep my girly things and chapsticks together...but then one day I pulled out what I THOUGHT was a chapstick...until I looked down and realized I had a girly thing in my hand. (I use OB they are about the same size as chapstick. heheh)
  8. hahaha for me it depends what time of the month it is....if my monthly friend is here then she will get that pocket reserved for her nessesities ;) wink wink


    but if its a normal day, im trying to keep my cell phone and keys in that pocket so i dont have to diggggggggg dig diggggg through my bag!! :smile: not working so well, but ONE DAY i will have it down!
  9. i put receipts and other small papers (phone numbers, coupons, notes) in there. depending on the purse, i may put my sk3 in with some gloss and lotion.
  10. I put Emergen-C packets, a mirror, a pen and sometimes "girly things" in it.
  11. I put my keys and phone in there - things I don't want to have to dig for.
  12. ditto!
  13. I put lip gloss, keys, receipts and up until yesterday and little bottle of hand lotion. I stuck my my hand in there and the top was off the lotion. yikes
  14. I usually stick the receipt and care cards for the particular bag in there so I always know where they are. And a little baggie of Advil because it always seems I'm in need of them when I'm out. Also a spare pen.
  15. 1. pens-always

    2. girlie things-depending on if my fav. visitor is in town

    3. my rings or other jewelry-sometimes during the day my hands will swell
    and i take of my rings and put them in there so i don't loose them.