Inside pocket of the paddington?

  1. Is it an open pocket or with a zip? and also a phone pocket, right? also, the lining of the handbag is it always different? does darker paddington come with a black lining and the lighter color comes with a cream? :confused1:
    please ladies, i would like know.
    Thank you once again.
  2. Yes- it is a zip pocket and there is a great cell phone pocket as well. THe inside linings are generally lighter in the lighter colors (mousse, whiskey, etc) and dark in the darker bags (as far as I know). HTH!
  3. Thank you clearing that for me.
  4. Jag, you are so helpful to everyone. I am here to learn as well.
  5. Thanks KB!!! We are all here to help!
  6. jag is right! :yes:

    Some 2005 dark colored bags (like chocolate) have a white/cream lining. The 2006 chocolate has a dark brown lining.
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