Inside of the patchwork is so cute.

  1. Saw the patchwork yesterday, although I don't care for the patchwork, the inside is really cute, a light blue backround with small flowers.
  2. CUTE! I wanna see!
  3. Sounds really cute- maybe the bag wouldn't be so ugly if you turned it inside out.
  4. The interior reminded me of the Abelia Satin Cruise bag.
  5. i like plain insides. for some reason, colorful insides make me feel cluttery.
  6. The design is different too for each style bag...:smile:
  7. I remember reading it was Liberty fabric. Lovely stuff!
  8. Aww, sounds cute.
  9. Hmm. Are they like the "flowers" in the mono pattern?
  10. The interior reminded me more of the Gucci Floral bags.
  11. ^^^smaller than that, more like a calico flower pattern, kwim?
  12. ^^^^...hmmmmm, the one I saw was more daisy-ish
  13. Yeah, I know what ya mean. I didn't know how to describe the interior, and the Gucci floral bags were the first that came to mind. :p
  14. Well there are lots of styles. :yes: