Inside Of The Black Chanel Luxury

  1. I was wondering..

    Is the inside of the black Chanel Luxury Bowler supposed to be a satin champagne color? Does anyone have a picture of the inside?

    Thank you so much!
  2. I don't have the bowler, but I have the Black Metallic Luxe Flap and mine is leather lined in black. I'd assume the whole line is for the price{?}
  3. All the bags from the Luxury Line are lined in leather--no satin. I think the matte black ones may be in a different color. But I know the metallic black is lined in black.
  4. the matte black ones are lined in red leather I think.
  5. Matte black lining is deep red(more like burgundy).
    Metallic Black will have matte black lining.
  6. yup, matte black is lined in a deep red.
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