Inside of luxury black deerskin bowler

  1. Ok. Ok. if anyone has the black deerskin bowler can someone please post what the inside looks like before I go off and buy it. I'm not sure if I can trust ebay at the moment with there ridculous fakes, but I'm sure this will help me out alot. Is the lining suppose to be silk, leather, red or black? I've heard too many different things and just want to clear it up with someone who actually has one. oh, and is it pretty big inside, roomy, etc.

    Please post pictures
    Thank you so much
  2. I don't know about the Bowler my my Luxe Flap is llined in black leather.
    LOTS of gals here have the bowler though, I'm sure you'll find out soon!
    Feel free to post any questionable auctions in our Authenticate This! sticky in the Chanel Shopping Sub-Forum! ;)
  3. Thanks swanky. Hopefully someone will post something about the bowler. is your luxe flap deerskin too? can I see pictures of it? I'm not sure what I want to buy yet, but I've been pretty stuck on the bowler. I'm just not sure yet, I don't want to end up buying something and it being fake ya know? so I'll be sure to post if/what I'm buying on the " authenticate this " so yall can give me your opinions.
  4. Hi and welcome! My black deerskin bowler has black leather lining. The deerskin is fall 06.

    The spring 06 metallic goatskin also has black leather lining. The spring 06 smooth calfskin has red leather lining.

    Which one are you getting?
  5. I want the fall 06 deerskin bowler in black. is there anyway you can post pictures of the inside so I can see how much room it has? I want to see the lining to, to know what to look for? it should say chanel in the inside too, right? I'm new to designer bags so I really don't know what to look for
    so your help would be appreciated sweetie.
  6. I won't be able to post a pic of the inside tonight since I haven't taken any yet. But I can vouch for the roominess - it fits all my essentials (wallet, checkbook, cell phone, Chanel sunglasses hard case, lipstick, and keys) nicely with some room left over.

    The lining is just plain black leather (with a sheen). It says Chanel Made in France on the inside - not on a silver plate like the spring bags though. The label is in the leather on the fall line.

    If you're looking at the bag on ebay (the one in Toronto), it looks legit from the photos; the thing is, some sellers post photos of a genuine bag and send a fake in its place. That's what is scary about ebay. If you pay by paypal you can always do a chargeback if that happens. Paypal almost always rules in favor of the buyer.
  7. Why don't you ask the seller to send photos of the inside. Then you can post them in the authenticate this thread and we can further help.
  8. Well, I don't have a specific bag i'm looking at on ebay yet. I'm not even sure if I want to buy a bag from ebay because of all the fakes. I just want to be cautious, and know what to look for. I've seriously never bought a deisgner bag before, I just don't want to get ripped off my first time either. Well, I don't want to get ripped off at all lol but you get the point. You've helpful and I appreciate it. I'm going to get the bowler, I've decided. It's just too cute, and I can't pass it up. now see there's a bowler on ebay right now but it has red silk like lining and someone told me that its real. ugh but if you have a black fall 06 deerskin bowler and you say its lined in black I believe you. It's hard to trust what people tell you now days. so it's pretty roomy? that's awesome! I can't wait to see it

    Thanks roey.
  9. I know you can find this bag at Saks but it will take some calling around to the different stores. You can find all the store phone numbers on the Saks website.

    If there is a Chanel boutique in your state try calling them as well. A boutique in any state should be able to help you. I hear the one in Short Hills, NJ has really good sales associates.

    Neiman Marcus did not purchase the fall deerskin in black, only bronze. However, you could also try Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill, MA - they might carry it. 617-630-6000.

    These are all good leads for you. I agree you shouldn't buy on ebay.
  10. :drool:
  11. ^^actually my NM had the black on the shelf this past Fri. You can call Shannon at (972)629-1700

    You may not purchase a Chanel bag online other than eBay, there are no authorized online dealers.
    You'll need to buy from one from a chanel boutique, Saks, NM, etc. . . it won't be fake ;)
    If you choose eBay we can help.
  12. I posted photos of my bronze deerskin bowler, including an inside photo, in the reference section. The inside is leather.