Inside of Balenciaga bags

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  1. I noticed the inside of all bags are just plane black.
    However this one I found on eBay has kind of a leopard print. Does this mean it's fake? I don't recall Balenciaga ever doing this!
  2. (not sure why this uploaded twice, can mod plz delete!)
  3. Cant see your photos but I vaguely remember some anniversary issues/special store issues like for Neiman's that had colored or printed interiors. Do wait around for the more experienced members...and perhaps you should be posting in the Authenticate this and Identify this threads ? :smile:
  4. Yes, rx4dsoul is right, there was a LE with the leopard print interior.
    If you are concerned about authenticity, you can post it in the "authenticate this Balenciaga" thread
  5. Yes, Neiman Marcus and Barneys both did special 10 year anniversary limited edition bags for their respective stores. I know that some of the Neiman bags had a splashy black and white interior, and I believe the Barney's LE bags had more of a true leopard interior. I've seen far more of the NM bags than I have the Barney's ones, so I'm going by memory (which is dodgy!!), but I can confirm this was done. Whether the particular bag you're looking at is an authentic version of either (or any) of the Balenciaga limited editions should be determined by posting to the Authenticate This thread, as mentioned by others above. HTH!