Inside Of Bag Peeling

  1. My monogram canvas bucket is peeling on the inside. I got this bag about six years ago, and the outside is still in great condition. I use it a few times a month. The canvas on the inside is peeling, and all the little pieces attach themselves to whatever is in my bag. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything I can do to stop the peeling? :yucky:
  2. It's happened to my monogram wallet that I got maybe 5-6 years ago. It's due to humidity. I don't think there's anything to be done about it other than changing the interior and that will cost big time. I think newer models do not have this problem.
  3. One of my friend encountered the similiar thing. The only one method is go to LV and change the linning. It cost her around US$ 65
  4. ^^^Wow, that's all? My petite bucket was bought in 99 and the inside of the bag and the pouch are really, really gross. I need to get the vuittonite changed too but I thought it would cost a whole lot more. Maybe I'll bring it in.
  5. i've heard of that happening.. fortunately though, it has not happened to me yet. i also have the petite bucket and i got it about 7 years ago... the inside still looks pretty much the same.
  6. I should get the lining changed.
  7. I got my bucket in 99 also and I had this problem too... =(
  8. Muts've been a bad batch. LOL
  9. Nothing you can do to stop the peeling, it happens quite a bit with age and humid climates. It is best to get the lining replaced. It isn't much and then you will be able to enjoy your bag again. Just fyi, the vachetta that goes around the top if the bag will also be replaced, so it will look a little funny at first. You could check out the vachetta FAQ, on how to speed up the patina process to get it a little closer in color. Here is a pick from a bag that authentic_lvlady has listed on eBay to show you what I mean.

  10. This happened to my friend's bucket also. It cost her $75 from Vuitton and they polished the brass thing inside it to look like new. My friend is not careful with her bags and two weeks later she had juice spilled into it by her son. The material LV replaced it with is washable so the stain came off beautifully with water. Don't fret, there is still hope!
  11. It's great news knowing I can replace the lining. I was all set to dump the bag. :woohoo:
  12. this is happened to a MC french wallet of mine. the inside is totally peeling.
  13. Mine is also peeling. Came from a very humid climate. I live in Az and ever since I have had it I have let it just stand open and air out abut a week now. Already better with the sticking. But the interior is peeling and I don't want to take I to LV store yet. I was going to try a deep leather conditioner on it. To deep condition the peeling inside. Thought that would help dramatically. Thoughts????
  14. I bought a preloved Sac Plat (made in 1998), with the lining peeled and sticky, which was obviously why she was no longer wanted :sad: I spoke to after sales at Louis Vuitton in Sydney. I was quoted $525 to have her relined, and advised that this particular lining (vuittonite) generally has a lifespan of between 12 - 15 years. I decided to go ahead, because complete with what I purchased her for, it was still less than half price buying new. I'm just waiting for her return, any day now so I can post before and after shots :smile: