Inside of a Saint Cloud Bag...

  1. I was very happy to find this site, and look forward to posting from time to time.

    With a Louis Vuitton store only 20 minutes from my house, you'd think I'd walk away from these 'eBay' bargains for good - I keep getting stuck. If I added up the money I spent on wagering a Vuitton bag was authentic there only to end up questioning it on arrival - I'd have enough to buy two new ones.

    :hrmm: Question. Is the inside of a St. Cloud bag's flap always leather? I just received one I swore was authentic on eBay that is totally lined in canvas.

    I'll check back tomorrow - heading to bed now.

    Thank you.
  2. Hi welcome..

    I know how you feel about buying from Ebay. Why don;t you send us the link to the auction you won so we all here can help you better.
  3. Welcome to the Purse Forum!
    We keep all of our authenticity questions in stickies at the top of each desigenr's sub-Forum.

    If you have questions about the quthenticity of any handbag, please post it in the sticky provided.
  4. Good morning, thank you for the reply.

    Here is a link.
  5. Sorry, but that is a fake. The second pic says it all...
  6. Sorry, it's fake..
  7. I am going to go with the rest, it is a fake :rant: . Sorry :sad: !
  8. oh no ;-( i hope you get your money back. good luck!
  9. I have one, and the inside of mine is ALL leather..
  10. looks fake,v ery very very fake....I'm sorry to burst yer bubble...
  11. Fake! :yucky: Sorry I hope you can get your money back.