Inside Man

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  1. I had a question about the birkins Jodie Foster used in the movie. I was told by a few people that the birkins used actually belonged to Tonya Lee. But then some other people said that Hermes loaned them out. Has anyone on here actually heard anything? I'm just curious. I know its a rather mundane curiosity, but humor me please.
  2. I have seen pictures of Jodie Foster carrying her own Birkin in black. I is likely that she had wardrobe purchase the bag for the movie and has it written into her contract that she keeps the wardrobe from the movie. Many actresses have that clause written in. They're not stupid:graucho: Jodie has an Ivy League education and has been in show biz since she was a child. Enough said:lol:
  3. who is tonya lee if i may ask ?:smile:

  4. Spike Lee's wife
  5. oh, thanks goodness it wasn't just me! I had no idea either, Lilach!!
  6. oh thanks for that reliev i thought i was the only one clueless.:lol:

    thanks for the explanation :flowers:
  7. Just watched this movie! Someone please tell me which shade of red and what was the size of her birkin? I spent the whole movie drooling over her bag!!!!:love:
  8. Jag I rented the movie last nite Just to freeze frame to look at her bag!I think it looks like vermillion.I have a wallet in that shade.Do you think it is a size 35 or 40?:flowers:
  9. I'd love to know the size/leather/color/hardware of both her bags if anyone know! :flowers:
  10. In the movie The perfect Murder. With Gwenth Paltrow She carries a beautiful black kelly through the entire movie .I couldn't concentrate It was so pretty!
  11. Now, this is what I call addiction. LOL :flowers:
  12. haha this is so funny... i just watched this movie a few days ago and the whole time i am thinking.... OOOO what a nice hermes she's carrying... i never would've picked up that was an expensive birkin had i not joined this forum....

    i feel like i am an official member now!!! :cutesy:
  13. The bag looked like a 40 to me. It seemed huge.
  14. What size was her Kelly? I know she used the shoulder strap with it.
    Loved her clothes too...the best!!:yahoo:
  15. It was a 32cm Black Box. I love that bag. :love: